Recipe – Grain Free Vanilla Bean Cardamom Cupcakes

muffinsLately I’ve been experimenting with grain free flours. This recipe I want to share with you today is rather ‘healthy’, as the ingredients are wholesome, and much cleaner than what you’ll find in a traditional cupcake recipe. But they’re still cupcakes and it doesn’t mean you can go ahead and inhale five in one sitting. Or at least do your best!  Continue reading

Review Benefit – Gimme Brow

Benefit Gimme Brow

It’s been just over a month since I underwent my brow transformation, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They’ve been easy to maintain (the odd tweeze here and there), and I’ve noticed a big difference in photos, which has given me a confidence boost (don’t worry, I won’t become Instagram selfie obsessed ). Though, I have to give huge credit to Benefit’s Gimme Brow volumizing fiber gel.  Continue reading

Recipe – Three Ingredient Pancakes

Three Ingredient Pancake

Three ingredient pancakes: can you guess what’s in them? You certainly won’t find any kind of flour or milk, but that sounds kinda lame, though doesn’t it? Do you believe that these are gluten and lactose free and don’t require any added sugar, and that there isn’t much difference between these and the traditional version? Believe it. Continue reading

Review – Cuccio Nail Colour

Cuccio A Kiss In Paris Nail Colour, Base Coat and Top Coat

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a nail polish hoarder. I love how painted nails can update a look or make you feel like you’re wearing something new. It’s so easy to build up a hefty collection and before moving to Sweden, I rid myself of hundreds (over exaggeration) of polishes. Continue reading

Gym, Home, Outdoors: What Is Your Preferred Workout?

Jessica Wooding Snowboarding

While I was biking home the other day, I started thinking about how we all have our own preferred way of maintaining an active lifestyle. There are so many ways to keep in shape these days, and I’ve seen too many workout crazes come and go (remember Tae-Bo?). Just as with beauty products, there’s an overwhelming amount of fitness options out there and our goal is to find the right one that fits our preferences, needs and lifestyles.  Continue reading

To Drink Or Not To Drink?


When preparing myself for a scenic day hike through the mountains back home, I would always throw in a bottle or two of Powerade. It was like a reflex, and I never seemed to think twice about it. Why would I? Sports drinks reboot our bodies with the necessary nutrients that our body is burning during exercise, and I’d always feel so hardcore while chugging down my Powerade after the first leg of one of nature’s thigh burning stairmasters. But, are these types of drinks entirely necessary?

Continue reading