How to Take Care of Your Skin If You Have a Fringe


Having a fringe (or bangs) on and off for 8 years made me realise something hairdressers do not tell you about: a fringe is not only a hairstyle but rather a beauty routine to adjust to. The main part of this routine is, of course, washing your fringe every day, no matter what. But there is something more to it, directly connected with how having hair on your face affects your skin. After many beauty mistakes and even some beauty disasters I made up a set of rules that I follow every day. Continue reading

Asian Skincare Products: Olga’s Favorites


At first sight, Asian skincare seems pretty complicated. There is a whole world of new types of products and sophisticated application techniques that make their beauty rituals completely different from the European. You’ve probably read about ten-step Korean beauty routine and imagine Asian beauties religiously lying down for hours with sheet masks all over their bodies filled with snail, starfish and snake venom extract, caviar, ginseng and tomato stem cells all at the same time. Well, that’s basically true.

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Street Beauty at Flow Festival

The hairstyle of the Northern summer is the braid.  Unlike the popular ‘beach hair’ trend that is hardly achievable if you don’t spend your days by the ocean, the braid is easy to make and comfortable to wear no matter the occasion. Not surprisingly, past weekend when a part of Beauty Pie team headed to the Flow Festival in Helsinki we met a lot of music lovers with beautiful braids. Start with the simple 3-strand braid and master your technique until other people start asking you to make their hair for them.

Emma, Flow Festival 2014 Continue reading

Pandora’s Box #2 Post Christmas Edition

Pandora's Box: The Worst and Most Useless Cosmetics

Our signature category: the notorious Pandora’s Box is back. This time it’s a special after Christmas edition, so we’ve collected the most useless and disappointing cosmetics that we received as gifts during this holiday season. Continue reading