What Is Beauty Pie & Who Are People Behind It?


Beauty Pie is an inspirational and recreational blog about beauty, health and wellbeing. It started as a dream of two friends Aline and Olga wanting to do something together, who were later joined by Niina and has grown to become an online magazine that reviews cosmetics, posts recipes for healthy food and fitness inspiration. You’ll also find personal opinions on news, trends, sports, cooking, nerdy science behind cosmetics and sustainability.

We have challenged ourselves to make this happen across borders and continents, which is quite challenging, but always very exciting. We’re currently located in three different cities: Paris, Berlin and St. Petersburg. Through this unique diversity we hope to provide you with a broad spectrum of opinions and to bring together girls (and boys) around the world who believe beauty is fun. At Beauty Pie you will always have the option of reading in both English and Russian.

We have a holistic approach to beauty – rather than just restricting ourselves to moisturizers and nail polishes, we want to promote a fun, active and healthy lifestyle by playfully sharing our thoughts and experiences with our readers.

We don’t believe in being perfect, and prefer to have a bit of self-irony in all that we do or write, so don’t be surprised if you come across a recipe for a chocolate cream cake – it’s Beauty Pie.

We are always glad to hear from you, if you have any questions, inquires or wish to collaborate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through e-mail or our Facebook page.


Aline KhlebnikovaSince I was a little kid growing up in a rough working class neighborhood in the middle of Russia, I’ve always been into glossy magazines: like mum’s Cosmo when I was seven, or Elle and Vogue when I was 14. I also was a big fan of Sex and the City and secretly dreamt of becoming Carrie Bradshaw and one day having my own feature in a popular magazine. Continue reading


niinaHi, my name is Nina or, rather, Niina (in Estonia, where I spent ten years of my childhood “nina” means “nose”, so there is a double i in my name for some distinction). I was born in Leningrad, raised in both Estonia and Russia, and I’m currently living in Berlin.  Continue reading