Recipe – Antioxidant Juice

Recipe Homemade Antioxidant Juice

Every minute, every second, our body is oxidising. Certain factors accelerate this process, including the sun, smoking, a rich diet and little treats. You have it: all the good stuff. Not to mention the stress! Do you rrecognize yourself in one (or worse yet – several) of these words? Then this easy-to-make and delicious treat is just what you need. Continue reading

Recipes – Rainbow Smoothies

Rainbow Smoothies

Inspired by the Pride Week in Stockholm and all the bright colours of the parade, we decided to show our love and support to gay community worldwide by posting a rainbow… made of smoothies. There are millions of different colours, shapes and forms in the nature, which is exciting and fun, and we want the human society to reflect it too. Continue reading

Recipe – Grain Free Vanilla Bean Cardamom Cupcakes

muffinsLately I’ve been experimenting with grain free flours. This recipe I want to share with you today is rather ‘healthy’, as the ingredients are wholesome, and much cleaner than what you’ll find in a traditional cupcake recipe. But they’re still cupcakes and it doesn’t mean you can go ahead and inhale five in one sitting. Or at least do your best!  Continue reading

Recipe – Three Ingredient Pancakes

Three Ingredient Pancake

Three ingredient pancakes: can you guess what’s in them? You certainly won’t find any kind of flour or milk, but that sounds kinda lame, though doesn’t it? Do you believe that these are gluten and lactose free and don’t require any added sugar, and that there isn’t much difference between these and the traditional version? Believe it. Continue reading