Gym, Home, Outdoors: What Is Your Preferred Workout?

Jessica Wooding Snowboarding

While I was biking home the other day, I started thinking about how we all have our own preferred way of maintaining an active lifestyle. There are so many ways to keep in shape these days, and I’ve seen too many workout crazes come and go (remember Tae-Bo?). Just as with beauty products, there’s an overwhelming amount of fitness options out there and our goal is to find the right one that fits our preferences, needs and lifestyles.  Continue reading

To Drink Or Not To Drink?


When preparing myself for a scenic day hike through the mountains back home, I would always throw in a bottle or two of Powerade. It was like a reflex, and I never seemed to think twice about it. Why would I? Sports drinks reboot our bodies with the necessary nutrients that our body is burning during exercise, and I’d always feel so hardcore while chugging down my Powerade after the first leg of one of nature’s thigh burning stairmasters. But, are these types of drinks entirely necessary?

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Travel Size Me

Travel Size Cosmetics Containers

So I’ve decided to keep the ball rolling for one last post on how to travel with beauty products and cosmetics. Why stop now? I’ve already dished out some of my favourite travel secrets and products I can’t go on a trip without (here), along with a tip for those of you traveling within the US (here). I’m going out with a bang, unleashing a recent discovery that must be shared!  Continue reading

Benefits of Coconut Oil

As women, it’s very important that we have certain beauty products at our disposal at all times – whether it’s a favourite lip stick, hand moisturizer or leave in conditioner. They seem to give us a sense of fulfillment and comfort in our hectic everyday lives. My beauty must-have is the wonderfully versatile Coconut Oil. I can only begin to tell you the many uses for this powerhouse and I’m starting to believe that Coconut Oil is in the process of taking over the world. Seriously.

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