Niina’s Haircare Routine


Seven years ago a friend of mine wrote in her LiveJournal: “Hair loves fat”. It was a post dedicated to haircare and the author couldn’t emphasize enough how important it is not to over-dry your hair and keep it moisturized and nourished. I remember those pieces of advice to this day, and I’ve decided to share some of my own tips with you.

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How To Deal With Blonde Eyebrows


I’m naturally blonde, so my eyebrows are pretty fair. To be honest, I recently acknowledged the fact that I do have brows, like 5 years ago, and decided I had to do something about them. Before that, I was rather comfortable with my non-acquaintance, but then magazines began to declare strong eyebrows as a fashion statement. So it was time for me to act. Continue reading

The Discovery of Bright Lipsticks

For some reason after turning 28 this year, I fell in love with red lipstick. It happened unexpectedly, but as I can see from the updates on my friends’ social networks — it has become a common obsession. So I came up with an idea — to gather as much information about bright lipsticks as possible and share my thoughts, revelations and discoveries with you.


My tiny collection

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