SPA at Home – Girls’ Night In


From left to right: Oskia Renaissance Mask, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, YOUNGBLOOD Eye-lluminating Duo, Sisley Eye Contour Mask

We believe that a Girls’ Night In clearly beats a Girls’ Night Out. So the next time all of us gather in one city, we’ll definitely stay in for a night and treat ourselves to a relaxing pampering accompanied by a detox tea-party and never-ending cosmetics talk. We’ve already chosen eight luxurious products we’ll be using for face, body and hair. Continue reading

3 Best: Charitable Beauty Products

Charitable Cosmetics

We’re so happy that there are more and more companies in the world that encourage conscious consumption and try to give back to those communities and suppliers that partially accounts for their successes. Here are three products that not only make us look prettier but also make us feel better with every cent spent: Continue reading

Your Favourite SPF Products

Your Favourite SPF Products

This is Beauty Pie’s favourite category, because we get a chance to give back to you for all the support and care we receive. Every 100 likes on our Facebook page we ask five of you to share with us your most loved beauty products. This time as the spring is in full blossom in the most parts of the world we’ve asked girls from Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic and Russia to tell us about their favourite sunscreens. Here are the results: Continue reading

Tailor-Made Skincare Routines by Beauticians and Brand Ambassadors. Part I


Who has the most beautiful skin ever? The answer is obvious – dermatologists! Last weekend we went to a trade show organized by Swedish Beauticians National Organisation (SHR) and scouted ladies with the perfect skin. We took their pictures and asked them to tell us in every detail what they do to achieve such remarkable results. Here are the answers by women from Nimue, Caudalie and Sisley: Continue reading

Temporary Tattoos – A Complete Guide by a Guest Expert

Temporary Tattoos: A complete guide

Both Jen Mussari’s Feather and Petite Alma’s Little Marks are available on Tattly.

Temporary tattoos are definitely one of the alternative trends in beauty and fashion that is currently on the rise. Before it explodes big time, I’ve headhunted one of the biggest experts in fakies’ – Julia Nikitina – and asked her a million questions about the do’s and don’ts, pros and cons, places to buy and places to apply, most beautiful designs and… ahhh, you get it, here’s a complete guide to temporary tattoos: Continue reading