How to Create Glitter Nail Art at Home

Deborah Lippmann – Across the Universe

With many holidays coming up, it’s about time to share some easy-to-make-even-for-a-rookie-tutorials about glitter manicures. Below you’ll find some general tips and ideas to experiment with.

Some time ago I shared a picture of Essie‘s Jazzy Jubilant on Beauty Pie’s Instagram. Which resulted in a long discussion about glittery nail polishes. In the comments we all agreed that there’s no point in applying glitters in layers the same way you work with your creamy lacquers, because what you actually do is just smearing it all around without adding any more paillettes. Instead, some argued, you have to press it in, making sure that the glitters sit tightly, before pressing in more to the other parts of the nail. We also unanimously voted for Deborah Lippmann as the best glitters on the market, so I’ve got myself a pot of this precious sequins and decided to share a simple trick on how to get a lot of bling out of your lacquers. All you’ll need is an ordinary make-up sponge.

The idea came from a video tutorial made by Yagala (she does a lot of crazy advanced stuff that I couldn’t even dream of replicating at home, but some of it is definitely applicable to an everyday life of an ordinary human being who doesn’t have time to sit around and perfect mani skills all day long).

Deborah Lippmann – Across the Universe

This method is a bit messy, that’s why I recommend that prior to application you contour your nails using a Q-tip soaked in Vaseline Jelly so you’ll be able to easily remove all the excesses from your fingers afterwards. Once ready and set, take a small bit of make-up sponge and paint your favourite glitter lacquer on top of it (see the picture above). Press the sponge onto your nail and then repeat the procedure a couple of times until you reach the desired coverage. The sponge will suck in all the excessive liquids leaving you with pure glam.

Deborah Lippmann – Across the Universe

By the way, this gorgeous mermaid-tale shade is Deborah Lippmann‘s Across the Universe. Isn’t adorable?

We all know what a pain removing glitter can be and frankly I’m always a bit hesitant of using them just because I dread the day when I would need to wipe (to rather scratch) it off and how miserably my nails will look afterwards. That was until I’ve tried Deborah Lippmann‘s Stripper To Go. It’s a convenient finger mitt that removes glitter fast and painlessly. It’s available in a bottle too. It’s pricy, so I wouldn’t waste on creams, but for glitters – there’s no better solution.

This next tutorial was originally published in the fall edition of Melon magazine and inspired by Butter London’s creation at Tadashi Shoji fall/winter 2014 show.

Here’s the full list of products that we used to create this look:

O.P.I Natural Nail Base Coat
O.P.I Bubble Bath
Scratch of Sweden Matte Lacquer (or any other nail polish mattifier)
• Toothpicks
Make Up Store Gold loose glitter

Glitter French

Start with a base-coat and a couple of layers of a nude shade of your choice.

Glitter French

Then apply mattifier and let it dry completely.

Glitter French

Now using a toothpick, distribute a small amount of base coat (or nail glue) on the tip of the nail.

Glitter French

Immediately after that using a toothpick or a pen for nail art, apply glitter over the base coat.

Glitter French

Blow away the excess glitter and your golden french is ready!

If both of above looks seem a bit to labor-intensive to you, but you still want to pimp-up your everyday manicure – try using rhinestones!


Apply your favourite colour in two coats. One of my favourites right now is this mysterious and sophisticated deep red-brown Cordovan Wine from &Other Stories.


While the second layer is still wet, press in a couple of self-adhesive jewels to a feature nail. I like Make Up Store‘s Nail Deco Cones. They are a bit punk, but still very edgy. You can easily reapply them in the future using a nail glue, and, honestly, as they wear down, they look even cooler. The stones themselves are rather big, so not to overdo it, restrict yourself to just two for the feature nail and maybe one for the thumb. This easy upgrade won’t take more that two extra minutes and will last for at least for a couple of days (depending on durability of the glue).

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