Make Your Own Snow Nails

Looking for a way to glam up your nails this holiday season? I know all of you out there will be taking part in some kind of Christmas staff party,DIY Snow Nails with Glitter

holiday drinks and the always anticipated ugly Christmas sweater party. It’s that time of year when we all have the best excuse to get shamelessly glitzed up and celebrate the end of another year with friends and fam.

This is such a cute and very easy way to get your nails in the holiday spirit without looking as tacky as your ugly Christmas sweater!

You’ll need:

  • Any light pastel colored nail polish (I used pink, I think mint green would look pretty as well)
  • Fine white glitter
DIY Christmas Snow Nails with Glitter

From left to right: MAC In the Limelight, Essie Blanc, White Glitter, Ciaté Amazing Gracie

Pour some of the glitter onto a plate, flat surface, bowl, anything you’d like. Apply as many coats as needed so that your nails are colorful as the nailpolish will take you and let them fully dry.DIY Christmas Snow Nails with Glitter

Next, one nail at a time, apply another coat of the polish and then immediately press down your nail into the glitter. Repeat until you’re finished one hand, allow it to dry and then do the same on the other hand.DIY Christmas Snow Nails with Glitter

What’s great about this method is that applying the glitter yourself gives your nails more texture and dimension rather than polishes that already have glitter in them. The light hits the glitter just right and it sure gets me even more excited for the holidays. Tis’ the season!

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