Recipe – Perfect Breakfast Smoothie


Do you want to surprise someone special with a breakfast in bed? Or just prepare something beautiful and nutritious for yourself? Here’s a perfect breakfast smoothie full of essential vitamins and bursting with vibrant colours. Take some time to present it carefully: it’s worth the effort.

Juice your apples or use ready apple juice. You’ll need 200ml.

Blueberries, honey, apple juice

Blend fresh raspberries with half the apple juice to make a purée. Separately, purée fresh blueberries with the remaining apple juice, put both in the fridge to chill.

Mix together the yogurt, milk and honey and add a spoonful of the raspberry purée.

Raspberry purée, blueberry purée, yogurt mixture

Layer the raspberry purée, yogurt mixture and then the blueberry purée into two glasses.  Make sure that all three of them are chilled enough (15-30 minutes) before carefully scooping them into the glasses instead of just pouring. In this way your presentation will end up much neater. It’s definitely worth an Instagram picture. We will be on look out for the pictures of your smoothie with #beautypieme.

Breakfast smoothie

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