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All the girls at Beauty Pie fancy the idea of having our own skincare range one day, that’s why we start with small steps by trying out some recipes in our kitchens. The most successful of them we share with you, because we believe that modern cosmetics companies should be completely transparent. Here’s the recipe for Beauty Pie‘s very own luxurious, 100% natural and preservative-free hand cream that is suitable for very dry and sensitive skin:

When you’re making something from scratch, your final product only gets as good as the ingredients you’re working with, so try to find the best oils available. 100% Organic & Fair Trade Certified Shea Butter you can always purchase at your local L’Occitane store: for 32€ you’ll get 150ml jar with ethically sourced top quality karité butter. To get approximately 100ml of this hand cream, you’ll need around 1/3 of it, so you’ll have plenty left to make more homemade cosmetics or use it as it is.

By the way, be aware that this homemade hand cream doesn’t contain any preservatives. So, don’t make more cream than you can use in few months.


Here’s what you’ll need:

The recipe is so easy and straight forward that I can’t stop wondering why I didn’t start making this awesome handmade cream earlier. Actually, you won’t believe how simple it is, all you need to do is: put your shea butter in a bowl, mash it with a fork, then add the rest of ingredients and mash everything together again. Take your hand mixer and mix for a few minutes and you are done!


You should keep your cream in a tightly closed glass container at around 20 to 24C. Storing it in the fridge won’t harm it, but it can cause the shea butter to get grainy. At higher temperatures it will become liquid – this won’t harm it either, but after shea butter re-solidifies it may also become grainy.

As there aren’t any preservatives included in this recipe, protect your cream from absorbing humidity from the air by keeping it always firmly closed and away from water. Also wash your hands every time before getting into the jar or better yet use a small wooden or porcelain spoon to get the desired amount of product from the packaging, because you are contaminating the cream every time you touch it (good rule to apply even to the cosmetics bought in retail).

This hand cream is rather heavy as the percentage of Shea Butter is close to 80%, so you’ll need very little amount for each application and will have to allow some time for it to get absorbed. However, it’s really good for very dry and damaged skin and is suitable even for people with hypersensitivity and pregnant women. This particular cream has a sensual floral scent, but you of course can experiment with the essential oils combinations to make the perfect one for you. Just remember, that it is not recommended that essential oils exceed 2.5% of total volume.

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