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Plank Challenge

What kind of Sports Week would it be without a little competition? So listen up: here’s your chance to get fit with flair and fun, while Beauty Pie will help you get those superb six pack abs.

Yesterday Aline got stuck in the elevator for quite a while and when her phone died, she had nothing else to do than a bit of exercise. There weren’t much space for any moves, so she had to come up with a pretty static workout. What a perfect environment for planking! First she challenged herself in how long she could hold the position and luckily enough by the time she was nearing three minutes, the repairmen got her out of there. Soon after, Jessica came over and the girls were practicing some casual planking together. How to plank

They thought it would be cool if all of you would join the planking club too. Whenever you have some spare time, just start planking and let’s see who can do it the longest. We want as many people involved as possible, that’s why the rules are very simple and pretty straight forward:

  • Try to hold plank position for as long as you can (here you can find some tips on the technique)
  • Go to Beauty Pie’s Facebook page and leave your planking time in the comments below this post.
  • Don’t forget to like us too, so you’ll have the latest updates about the progress of the challenge and won’t miss the good news when you win.
  • Now go on and plank every day for the next three weeks. Try to beat your starting time by 5-10 seconds each day. Keep us updated, by posting your new results under the same post.
  • On February 28th we will randomly choose a winner among all the comments you’ve left under the post (so better you keep track of your results, more chances you have to win) and award the lucky bastard with a FatGirlSixpack from Bliss (we will send it to your home address whenever you are in the world, so literally everyone has a chance to win).
Bliss FatGirlSixPack

To sculpt a six-pack, you need to exercise and eat healthy — but this targeted treatment will help you in your quest for a covetable core. It contains a powerful blend of ingredients to assist in toning and firming your skin: like caffeine, amino acids, menthol and special botanical extracts. It’s all delivered in a packaging with a massage applicator to get the formula into your skin.

Invite your friends to join the challenge too, because it is so much fun to get fit together. Good luck with your planking! We can’t wait to see who wins.

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