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GlossyBox might be one of the smartest beauty-inventions ever. It brings you the feeling of a Christmas Eve. Every month, all year round. The joy of opening the pink box is almost as big as the thrill of exploring new cosmetic products. Some of them you’ve never heard of, others – would have never bought, some were on your wishlist for ages but never came around, and others are just being launched. With 2014 coming to its end, I’ve decided to look back on the 11 pretty boxes I’ve received so far and tell you everything about my favourite discoveries.


Clarins Hydraquench Cream-Melt All Skin Types (GlossyBox Clarins Limited Edition)
This lightweight yet powerful cream is one of Clarins all-time-bestsellers and even if you’ve never had any experience with the brand before this one will turn you into a hard-core fan for life. An absolute must for the winter – a formula that contains Katafray Bark and Clarins’ exclusive Hyaluronic Acid Complex to instantly soothe irritations and tightness caused by dryness, while at the same time creating a protective “micro-environment” and insulating skin against biting cold and blistering winds.

Karmameju Natural Konjac Sponge 02 (GlossyBox February 2014)
If you are still using cotton wool pads, washcloths, wipes or artificial sponges for washing your face, consider switching to a more skin- and environment-friendly alternative, like this 100% natural sponge from a cool Danish brand Karmameju. It is naturally alkaline to balance the acidity and pH levels of the skin barrier and will help you to exfoliate, purify and deeply cleanse both face and body, while also stimulating blood flow and encouraging skin regeneration without causing damage to the delicate epidermal layers. Not sold on it yet? Head here to read the full review.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream (GlossyBox April 2014)
The phenomena of Japanese and Korean cosmetics is an ever-expending wonderland and with no proper guidance one can easily get lost in its jungles. Start your journey to the world of Asian beauty with this cult product from Japan. Invented in 1957 it still remains one of the longest and best selling skin care products on its homeland market. Think Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, but without its off-putting smell and much more absorbent.

être belle Anti Aging Liplift Peel (GlossyBox April 2014)
Lip scrubs tend to be sugar-based and flavoured to the taste of 14-years-old. But this liplift from an austere German brand ain’t playing them teenage games. It contains highly potent Hyaluronic Microspheres that work on quickly and effectively evening out skin surface around the lips, leaving lip contour replenished and redefined. The result? Up to 50% more lip volume and appearance of less wrinkles around mouth area without any injections.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (GlossyBox November 2014)
This is arguably the best hand cream of all time. Enriched with 20% Shea Butter and Vitamin E, it has a luxurious smooth texture and absorbs surprisingly fast. Other key ingredients include Honey and Sweet Almond Extract, blended with the light and ohh so alluring aromas of Jasmine to provide an ultimate treat for your dry and dehydrated hands.



Benefit they’re real! mascara (GlossyBox Lovisa Burfitt June 2014)
Not everyone got the time to put on false lashes every morning before work, although wide-awake-and-gorgeous look is a hit among all the girls I know. This killer mascara from Benefit can give you falsies’ effect in just a few seconds. Use its huge high-tech silicon brush to apply two coats of blacker than black formula and you’re ready for anything your day has to offer: from a lunch with girlfriends to a date with your ultimate crush. Over here you can see some pictures of me wearing this mascara.

Emite L312 Lip Brush (GlossyBox April 2014)
This lovely brush from a relatively new Swedish make-up brand Emite would suit perfectly to someone with fuller lips. Its angled top simplifies application of the lipstick around Cupid’s bow area, while its long handle allows you to adjust the intensity of colour (move your hand higher up for a light touch-up and keep it close to the bristles for more vibrance). You can also use L312 to create bold looks with your gel eyeliner.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (GlossyBox Stars & Stripes July 2014)
It’s widely acknowledged as one of the world’s finest top coat. What makes it so great? To begin with, it helps any nail lacquer get dry in a few minutes. Not just “dry”, but almost like cemented, so you can do your dishes or tie your shoes right after the mani. Secondly, it is formulated to penetrate through the nail polish all the way to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish. Thirdly, it doesn’t leave your nails yellow and instead makes them stronger and more resistant to chipping and peeling. An illustrated review available after a jump.

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil (GlossyBox November 2014)
Shiny and luxurious eyeliner that glides on smoothly like butter and stays on all day long without smudging. Use it to highlight your eyes with a thick line or apply over the the entire eyelid as an eyeshadow – alone or under a powder product for extra colour and durability.

Teeez Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush (GlossyBox September 2014)
This colourful eye brush made of natural goat hair fits both powder- and creamy eyeshadows. Thanks to its semi-soft bristles and rounded shape, it provides beautiful results without sharp edges, so this can be your go-to brush when it comes to any type of smoky.

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