Best Organic Lipsticks – Niina’s Choice


About a year ago my very first post in this blog was about my love for bright lipsticks. So I feel it’s time to tell you a little bit more about my collection: and today we’ll be concentrating on eco products that are on my top shelf right now.

Lavera Glossy Lips — Berry Passion


To be exact, this is not really a lipstick, but a lip gloss, however as it’s one of the few I own, I’ve decided to include it in this post. If you are going to apply it as thick as on the picture above, you’ll have to put you hair up and be prepared to retouch it now and then, because thanks to it’s sticky texture it doesn’t stay long at all. I often use it as a lip tint: put a bit of product in the centre of the lips and then blended it out for a very light pink colour.

Ilia — Bang Bang


It’s one of the Ilia‘s pigmented lipbalms, so don’t expect a lot of color, even though it looks very bright in the tube. It’ll give you just a hint of red, which makes it perfect for the day make-up. I use it in the mornings, when I don’t have time or can’t be bothered with a real lipstick. It freshens up the whole look and makes the lips pop just enough. This balm is super easy to apply, but not very long-lasting. What I like about it the most is that even after the product is fully absorbed, there’s still a bit of a tint left on your lips.

RMS — Rapture


I’m still a bit dubious whether this brick-red lipstick suits me or not. It obviously has much warmer tone than any other product in this list and I tend to think that such colours are not really my cup of tea (by the way on the photo above it looks lighter and a bit more orange than it does in reality). I keep on using it though, because I like its texture and how moisturising it is for my lips.

Kjaer Weis — Lovers Choice


The brand, which (as you might have noticed) I like quite a lot, launched a couple of new products this fall and among them a new shade of the lip tint. I’ve earlier thoroughly reviewed Goddess here, however Lover’s Choice feels almost like a whole different story – it’s much more pigmented and lasts way longer. I simply adore its colour and it could easily be my fall favourite if it wasn’t for…

Ilia — Strike It Up


…This lipstick that is the best, I have no words to describe how much I like it. To begin with, it has a perfect red colour, something between MAC‘s Russian Red and Ruby Woo, but, unlike the dense MACIlia does not cover up the texture of the lips. Secondly its durability is beyond any expectations. It stays on for at least three hours, despite all kinds of snacks, coffee breaks and long chats. I’ve never came across anything like that before, apart from the very same matte lipsticks from MAC. At last but not at least, Strike It Up doesn’t dry out the lips at all (we all know how matt MAC products can sometimes make our lips feel like a couple of old raisins)! The ideal red, nice rich texture, thorough moisturising – I’ve been using this lipstick every damn day during the past couple of weeks and can’t stop, it’s so good!

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