Cosmetics for Spring: Niina’s Choice

Every season I try to update my cosmetics range with new products: some of them end up in Beauty Pie‘s Pandora’s Box, others become favourites. In this post I want to share my beauty discoveries for spring-2014.

1. Spin pins. Unlike conventional hair pins, you’ll just need one or two of these spirals (depending on the thickness and texture of your hair) to keep your hairdo in place all day long. I bought mine at a random German convenience store, but you can find them in pretty much any online beauty shop too.

2. MAC Breath of Plum blush. It’s a pretty neutral and cool shade that looks very natural. Depending on the application it can be both translucent and fairly bright.

3. Inspired by Jessica’s post, I went to a nearby Asian store and bought a jar of coconut oil for just €3.50. I apply it on the whole body after shower and on my hair tips before I wash. By trial and error I found out that when it comes to coconut oil you have to be moderate and avoid putting it on hair roots, otherwise there is a chance you’ll end up with greasy hair even after a thorough wash.

4. I like Mavala‘s Bilbao for its carmine, slightly muted shade that suits almost any situation and looks good with any outfit.

5. I’ve also got under the spell of BB creams. This spring I tried natural (if the information on its packaging can be trusted) and affordable Beauty Balm from Alterra, which I purchased at German cosmetics retailer Rossmann. It has a pleasant texture and can be easily blended thanks to…

6. … yeah, thanks to an egg-shaped sponge from the same store. I’ve been debating whether to buy a real Beauty Blender or not, until my eye caught this cheaper alternative. I’m pretty satisfied with it, although I hadn’t have a chance to compare it with the real thing yet.

7. My mom bought me this Multi-Vitamin Complex for Women at the Swedish drugstore chain Kronans Apotek. I believe that in the spring when our bodies are exhausted after a long winter and with lack of essential elements they need extra vitamins and minerals. I take this stuff regularly and think that it works.

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