Cosmetics for winter 2014/15: Niina’s Choices


About a year ago I shared a couple of products that I’d discovered last spring. So I thought to myself: “I should write the second post in this series” and this time it’s going to be about cosmetics and instruments, which I’ve been digging this winter.

1. I got this bottle of natural argan oil as a present for New Year’s (short insight into Russian traditions: we give presents for New Year’s instead of Christmas) and it instantly replaced coconut oil as my go-to-remedy for dry hair. During cold months you have to warm coconut oil in your palms before you can spread it on your hair, while with argan oil – you just take a couple of drops and smear it all over (although I usually use it for tops only). I apply it 30 minutes before shampooing and then rinse off.


2. BB cream from an Estonian eco-brand Joik. I really appreciate how this small company from my home-country uses natural ingredients to produce effective products. This fair-toned cream suits me perfectly colour-wise, while argan oil in its content moisturises and protects my skin during harsh winter days.

3. Eyebalm Dr.Hauschka‘s Augenbalsam is probably the most controversial product on this list. I like it, although I have hard time imagining whom the brand had in mind developing this eye cream. This yellow balm-like substance is supposed to be massaged in the areas around your eyes every morning after cleansing. It makes sense until you find out that it doesn’t absorb, on the contrary it leaves muddy yellow stains on your skin that won’t go away for the next couple of hours. Well, I couldn’t be bothered, because most of the time I work from home. Alone. So I can afford seating around looking a bit weird with these fatty pancakes around my eyes, but I can totally see how it can become an issue for someone with a more conventional lifestyle. What I like in the product though (because, it gotta be something, right?) is that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes (unlike most other products for this area to which I am often allergic) and thoroughly moisturises.

4. I purchased a whole set of Kiko brushes last December, while preparing for a big event, because I was sure I’d need them all to create a very celebratory make-up. Despite the budget price, they don’t loose hair and are as efficient in blending different textures as their more expensive alternatives. Good buy! Now I use them pretty much daily.

5. I love the pearly shimmer of Linen Beige Naquet eyeshadows from &Other Stories. It’s more evident than the subtle glow of Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter, so I like to use them for the evening make-up – to make my look a bit brighter and shinier, they look incredible when the light hits them.


6. Dior‘s Rosy Glow blush might be one of the cheapest looking things I’ve seen lately and the brush they come with is bottom line worthless, but the formula itself is really lovely – it has very natural pink shade and never-ending durability. I can wear it for five hours in a row, whilst most of the other brushes fade away after just two. Despite the fact that I actually prefer creamy textures, because they blend more easily, I use these ones quite often.


Have you tried any of these?

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