How to Take Care of Your Skin If You Have a Fringe


Having a fringe (or bangs) on and off for 8 years made me realise something hairdressers do not tell you about: a fringe is not only a hairstyle but rather a beauty routine to adjust to. The main part of this routine is, of course, washing your fringe every day, no matter what. But there is something more to it, directly connected with how having hair on your face affects your skin. After many beauty mistakes and even some beauty disasters I made up a set of rules that I follow every day.

1. Do not use moisturiser or foundation on your forehead during the day

Most of the skin problems are caused by its inability to breathe properly under the fringe. If your skin is normal, combination or oily, you might need to skip your day cream/moisturiser on this part of the face. I tend to use thicker cream on the forehead overnight and avoid any cream during daytime. If I there are any special problems to take care of I use a serum that can be easily absorbed. The part with the foundation is quite obvious: no one is going to see your forehead while the fringe is there, so why makeup?


2. Pin your hair back whenever possible

This has to do with the same problem mentioned above: your skin needs to breathe and not be covered with something all day long. This is why I try to give it a rest every time I can, whenever I am home and especially doing sports. This might not look too good but your skin will be thankful.

3. Do not spray hairstyling products directly on the fringe

While sprayed directly, styling products not only get on the hair, but also on the skin under it, especially if your fringe is not so thick. They are not meant to be on the skin and clog pores heavily. Try applying hair products on the comb and then go through the hair.

4. Always use moisturiser before blowdrying your hair

This depends a lot on what type of fringe you have and how you are used to hold the hairdryer while styling your hair. I have blunt-cut fringe, which means that I have to direct the dryer down along my face and a lot of hot air tends to get on my cheeks and chin. After experimenting with when to put on moisturiser I realised that it is better to apply it before styling and thus protect the skin from the damaging heat.


5. To keep the fringe clean and forehead breakout-free spray dry shampoo on the inner side of the fringe or powder the forehead throughout the day

We have all been there: freshly washed hair might get greasy a little bit too soon. There are plenty of reasons for that: hot weather, pollution, stress, hangover. To us sulfate-free shampoo aficianados this happens a little bit more often than to the others. Greasy fringe hair, in turn, makes your skin oily, which causes clogged pores and pimples. To avoid that, try dry shampoo inside your fringe (technically, on the reverse side) or (thanks our Instagram reader Jess for the tip!) try powdering your forehead. The first one is more effective to make your hair appear clean but the latter is more skin-friendly.

6. For exfoliation, do not use abrasive scrubs on your forehead

This especially applies to those with sensitive skin. Hair is rubbing against you forehead the whole day, which might eventually irritate skin. Not to make it worse, avoid mechanical exfoliation and try chemical peeling which is damaging instead.

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