How to Use a Hair Curler in 2014?


If you think the time of the hair curlers has passed with the XX century, look at the picture above and think twice.

When I was a kid my mom had an electric hair-curler (she had rollers too, but the curler left much bigger of an imprint in my memory). I remember it had a green plastic holder with some melted spots, it took ages and ages to get hot, and after burning myself on it a couple of times, I became quite afraid of it. My mom used it rather frequently on herself and sporadically on her six years old daughter too. I still have good memories of my over-curled bangs and burnt forehead – the ritual I had to go through before every ice-skating performance I was participating in.

These post-soviet childhood associations come up in my mind every time I hear the word “hair curler”. Luckily, it didn’t happen too often lately with this devices being on decline in the era of stylers and straighteners. Then a couple of weeks ago I’ve received an invitation to a ghd event in Stockholm, where they were about to launch four (yes, you’ve read it correctly: 4!!!) new curlers. I was very skeptic at first, but quite intrigued, so I decided to give it a shot.

During the presentation ghd people mentioned that a curler is a generation thing. That while younger people laugh at the idea of using it in 2014, older people (and by that they meant 35+ o_O) rely on this stone-age technology and would be happy to purchase one that is a little bit more advanced and doesn’t ruin the hair.

So the main difference between ghd cutting-edge innovation that is about to be released later this fall and my mom’s green curler with melted holder from 1995 is that it claims not to damage your hair in anyway. It runs on ghd patented technology called tri-zone that includes heat-sensors placed all around the ceramic wand, which are capable of maintaining the constant temperature of exactly 185C. The grade itself has been thoroughly researched and proved being a so called “glass transition faze”, when the hair can be easily molded without inflicting any harm.

Other XXI century add-ons to a classic mom-curler include: a cool-tip to hold hair in place as you curl, a sleep mode that kicks in automatically when you haven’t been using your device for longer than 30 minutes and extremely fast heating system that bring the temperature up to 185C in no time at all (around 90 seconds).

The models vary in size and form of the barrel, as well as the presence of the clip:

  • Curve Classic Curl Tong has a medium 26mm barrel with a spring-activated lever designed to create consistent medium size curls.
  • Curve Soft Curl Tong (the one I’ve been using in this tutorial) has a larger 32mm barrel with a clip and is designed to create big soft curls.
  • Curve Classic Wave Wand has no hair clip and is oval-shaped to create edgy, deep, shimmering waves and glamorous movement on longer hair.
  • Curve Creative Curl Wand is more of a professional tool with a wide variety of possibilities thanks to its revolutionary tapered barrel (from round 28mm to oval 23mm tip), designed to create a wide range of glamorous curls and waves.
ghd CURVE Launch Press-Event and Master Class in Sweden

Styled with (from left to right): Classic Wave WandClassic Curl TongCreative Curl Wand

Inspired by the master-class taught at the event and stroke by the unbelievable generosity (all the attendees went home with a 170€ Soft Curl Tong), I was determined to give this thing a try.

To be honest, I was quite shocked how easy it was to get very nice looking results at the first try on my extremely long and thick hair. So if I could do it, I’m sure you will be able too. Here’s how you replicate the look from the cover photo of this post:

How to Use ghd CURL HOLD SPRAY

Start from the back of your head, dividing your hair in sections of the same size as the width of the barrel. Use ghd Curl Hold Spray before styling to protect your hair and lock your look in place.


For classic waves, hold the wand vertically (if you hold it horizontally, the curls will be more voluminous). For an evening look with more defined curls, twist-wrap hair around the barrel (and vice versa, for soft waves, as pictured above, flat-wrap)


Now you can either leave it as it is, or create different looks from the same starting point.


Use your finger tips to create a textured beach curls (see the picture above)…


… or use a paddle brush for soft and glamorous waves.

I usually have a problem with unruly tangled hair that starts to look like a huge dreadlock after a couple of days, unless I straighten it and use a ton of product to keep it at place. Normally, I end up putting my hair up in a bun on the day three or four after the last wash, but when I styled it with the Soft Curl Tong I could enjoy a nice hairdo, soft and silky hair and lots of compliments for almost a week! I’d say it’s worth a 40 minute process. Easily the best thing that happened to my hair since the last haircut 😀

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