How to wear a lipstick?


As I’ve already told you, I’m a big fan of bright lipsticks. It turns out, I’m not alone. Full-time good friend of Beauty Pie and graphic designer at Swedish makeup brand Make Up Store – Emelie Sundberg shares my passion for a great lippie. We decided to put our forces together and collect six most important beauty tricks that will help you master the science of wearing bright lipstick.

1. Exfoliate! Not even the most moisturizing lip product in the world will look good on dry and chapped lips. That’s why we recommend you start with a good old scrub before you put the colour on. Jess has once shared a recipe for a lip scrub you can easily make at home, though, if you are running late for a date and have no time to mix your own remedy, try using an ordinary toothbrush (be gentle and choose one of the softer versions). Massage your lips with the brush, then use your favourite rich balm and while you’re fixing your hair and the rest of the make-up, your lips will get lipstick ready.


2. The perfect shade. Of course, the best way to find right colour is by trial and fail. I own a couple of unfortunate lipsticks in orange and brown tons, which I’ve only used a couple of times. Next time you’re drawn to those shades in a store, remember my words: they are not for everyone. Be 100% sure that you can rock them, before you waste your hard-earned  money on something you’ll throw right into Pandora’s Box. Unfortunately, it’s not just about the skin-tone, your teeth should live up to such lipsticks too. Warm shades such as brick-red or chocolate-brown will make your smile look more yellow, that’s why your teeth should be snow-white to wear them. On the contrary, lippies with blue undertones will make your smile appear whiter and generally suit pretty much everyone.


3. Depending on the way you use your lipstick, final results may vary enormously. To see what I mean, check out this video by British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Long story short: you can experiment with the intensity of textures and colours by applying product with different brushes, fingers or just straight from the tube. To complete a more glamorous evening look top your lipstick with a shimmery lipgloss to make those lips really stand out in the crowd. By the way, did you know that most of the shades can double as a blush too? Matchy lips and cheeks will give you a little more balanced makeup. So really, one lipstick can go a long way.


4. Despite the common belief, lip pen shade should NOT be darker then your lipstick. To begin with, most of the time it doesn’t even look good from the start, and far less so after a while when the lipstick has worn off, leaving you with smudged dark contouring all around it. If you really want to use a lip pen, choose it with great attention.


5. However, a dark lip pen (and, really, pretty much any lip pen in general) can be used on its own, without a lipstick. Just fill in your lips with your favourite shade to make it look like a lip stain. This trick will give your quite natural result that will last all day long. To avoid blood-sucking-vampire look, heavily moisturise your lips and don’t forget about step 1.


6. Finally, my last tip: bright lipsticks are awesome, though don’t write the nudes off just yet. Makeup legend Bobbi Brown says that the best shade a girl can use is only two tons darker then her natural lip colour. That said, using shades that are lighter than your lips, can end up looking very dodgy, so be extra careful with those baby-pinks and sheer beiges.


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