My “Must-Not-Haves”



Over and over again I make the same mistake following a passing desire to buy a good-looking bottle that later proves to be completely useless to me (see them all in our Pandora’s box). That is why I decided to make a list of the products that I don’t need (at least in the nearest future) and look at it next time I want to buy something useless. Here it is:

Body scrubs. Honestly I don’t even enjoy the process: firstly, it feels like my palm gets more peeling than any other part of my body, secondly, my shower is too small to enjoy any process of lathering and rinsing (no matter how nice the scent is and how creamy the texture is). And most important: I find a loofah much more pleasant to use, efficient, reusable and with it I can even reach my back! Win-win situation.

More on cleansing: purifying and detox masks. Because nothing can compare to the simplest clay mask from a drugstore (preferably white (kaolin) or blue). All the nice packaging and additional ingredients only raise the price but don’t make the product more effective. I’ve tried several: Body Shop, LUSH, Malin+Goetz, Annemarie Boerlind, GlamGlow, but clay masks stay unbeatable for years. And for a real-deal cleanse you can just go for a facial.

Nude lipsticks (the ones that are the skin colour). They look so good on models and so so bad on me in the real life. A kind of a vampire from the ghetto. A no-go.

And shimmering eyeshadows also tend to add some trouble to my look. I am convinced they are only produced for those fine-featured lucky ones with big eyes and perfect skin that look as good in real life as on their Instagram photos. I am not one of them, so I will just stick to my favourite non-shimmer palette.

Do you have your “must-not-have” list?

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