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I’m not a fan of spending hours in front of a mirror putting my make-up on, although I do enjoy the process, I don’t always have time for it in my everyday life. But there are a couple of products I can’t live without, so I’ve decided to dedicate a post to them.

Perhaps, you already know that I’ve recently switched to natural cosmetics, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of my stuff is from eco-brands. Lately I’ve fallen in love with RMS Beauty, which I now prefer to my previous favourite – Kjaer Weis, mainly because I really like its colour palette. There are three RMS Beauty products among my everyday essentials:


  • RMS Beauty Uncover Up 22 foundation
  • Blusher/lip-tint RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Illusive and Diabolique 
  • Eyeshadow Kjaer Weis Wisdom and Earthy Calm
  • Lavera Eyebrow Styling Gel in Hazel Blonde


  • duo-fibre make-up brush Kiko Cosmetics Face 106
  • eyeshadow brush Kiko Cosmetics 207
  • eyeshadow brush MAC 217


Here’s what I look like with no make-up on. As you can see there’s a slight difference in the skin tone between the face and the neck, and I know Aline would scold me for it, but I’ve been slacking off with SPF creams this winter, so those are the results. Fortunately, apart from that, my skin is in quite good condition right now, so I can skip using BB-creams (when it deteriorates I apply BB Kreem from Estonian brand Joik prior to my foundation).

I use Uncover Up to conceal spots, blemishes and dark circles under the eyes: I love how easy it blends (actually, it’s so smooth I’ve heard of people using it as a make-up base for the entire face) and how natural it looks on the skin without flaking or over-drying. For the cheeks I use  Lip2Cheek in Illusive, thoroughly working it in with the use of duo-fibre brush from Kiko. I apply a bit of the same colour on my lips too. I appreciate how versatile and neutral Illusive shade is, so you can use it for both creating the most natural blush and for accentuating your lip colour. For the brows I use styling gel from Lavera (as you might remember I don’t like very graphic eyebrows, so I don’t really use any pencils at the moment).

One of my favorite tricks that I’ve found about only very recently, although it seems quite obvious, is how well brown eyeshadow highlights blue and grey eyes. Cold, greyish shades (like Kjaer Weis Wisdom) add depth, while warmer ones (Kjaer Weis Earthy Calm) make blue eyes brighter. I apply them on the outer eye lid and work it in thoroughly with MAC 217 brush.

I don’t like using a mascara and try to avoid it except for when I am going out.


This is when I usually wrap up, but if I want to add some color to the cheeks and lips,  there is nothing that works better than RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek Diabolique.


In Berlin you can buy RMS Beauty at Quartier 206 and MDC Cosmetics on their website and some online stores that deliver worldwide, like Amazingy that I wrote about earlier. You can also find Kjaer Weis there.

I’d love to hear what you think of this look and, please, tell me which products you use to create your go-to everyday make-up.

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