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Last week I was invited to Berlin office of an online shop Amazingy, where I was taught how to create a stunning look using only natural make-up products.

Amazingy is an online shop for organic cosmetics. I’ve accidentally found it while browsing online for some local distributors of natural cosmetics and was immediately impressed not only by the wide selection of interesting natural brands, but also by its conscious approach to business: from every order they receive, the company donates money to a tree-planting organization. I was really interested, so I dropped guys a line. Once I got in touch with them, I was invited to come into their office and get a little make-over. My make-up artist was lovely Sabine Szekely, and after checking out her awesome portfolio I couldn’t wait to get into her skilful hands.


 Here is the whole list of products that were used to create my look:

The first thing Sabine did was to put on Highlighter from Prtty Peaushun. It’s not really your ordinary highlighter, more of a shimmering lotion, which you can use on both face and body. In this case it was applied on my cheekbones, forehead and nose.

Step two – foundation. We chose Mineral Powder by Hiro (in Cameo) — a very cool product that actually deserves a separate post one day. It was my first experience with mineral foundation and I was quite impressed by its effectiveness and versatility: this particular powder can be used by its own or mixed with your favourite day cream to create a tinted moisturizer with the perfect tone. During the make-up session Sabine applied it dry with the help of a kabuki-brush to achieve full coverage. To be honest, I had no idea loose powders could be so dense! Definitely a revelation for me. To hide blemishes and dark rings under the eyes we used RMS‘s “un” cover up 11 corrector.

For the brows my make-up artist used brown mascara (Macao) from Ilia. It sounds a bit odd, but actually its tone suits blond brows very well. (I hope you are taking notes here?)

Next up – eyes. It took good 15 minutes to fix these gorgeous smoky eyes make-up. But wasnt’ it worth it? To replicate it at home first put on Kjaer Weis Cloud Nine as a base, then apply one by one and blend together Earthly Calm, Wisdom and Onyx (all three – Kjaer Weis) until you achieve very soft version of the classics. I was really pleased that Sabine made this choice for me, because I think that a brighter version of the same look wouldn’t suit quite as well (mainly due to my round face and blondness). However these highly pigmented but still subtle shades were just what I needed. To round up eye make-up my lashes got a couple of coats of rms Volumising Mascara.

Sabine applied two shades of Ilia’s blusher — All Of Me and I Put a Spell On You to create very romantic peachy-rose cheeks.

For the matte nude lips we also used two products from Ilia: Funnel Of Love lipstick and Dress You Up lip pen. As a next step Hiro‘s Wild Thing Bronzer was put just under my cheekbones to accentuate the bone-structure.

At last but not at least, to set all the make-up and prevent oiliness, Sabine finished everything off with a swirl of “un” transparent powder from RMS.

Results and conclusions.

I really like getting my make-up done by someone else: I enjoy the tactile contact and get really relaxed and cozy. So obviously I loved the whole experience at Amazingy. Also it was really fascinating and cool to witness how a professional can turn my everyday face into something different (in a good way, of course).

I was definitely inspired to master the soft smoky eyes look at home. As I told you, I was sure it didn’t suit me before, but now I think that some taupe colours can be very suitable for a night out.

Also I’m now really looking forward to using mineral powder on a daily basis. I’d gotta say that right now my skin is not in its prime condition, so to cover everything up Sabine had to use quite a thick layer, but once I get back on track with my face, I could easily skip a couple of layers, because I actually hate when the foundation gets visible.


When the make-up was done and we were about to photograph the new me, Sabine noticed that I remind her of Renée Zellweger, and Dunja (a German representative of a couple cosmetics brands) said that I look more like Scarlett Johansson. Strange enough I hear such compliments more or less often, though I really don’t like Renee and love Scarlett. What do you think, do I look goоd with this make-up on?

All the products listed in the post are available at the way, Amazingy ships internationally and offers free delivery on all purchases over 160€. (Just as a side note: Thank you Аmazingy for such a great experience and master-class!)

Make-up: Sabine Szekely
Photo: Dunja Kara

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