Search for the Perfect Foundation. Part III. Mineral and Pressed Powders

Foundations: Liquid, Pressed, Mineral

The first part of the review of foundations I’ve tried in the past six months and 1) liked, 2) didn’t care for or 3) wouldn’t use myself but would recommend to others.

I’ve just realised it’s been over half a year since my last post about foundations. You can imagine that as a person who writes a beauty blog and claims to be searching for the ultimate product that will perfectly match my complexion, make my troubled skin look flawless and stay on all day, I do get to test a lot of cosmetics that promise me it all. Some stuff I buy myself after reading a praising post on Refinery29 and some products I get from the companies willing to prove that their new release is just the thing I’ve been always looking for.

As a full disclosure I do want to reassure you that I always try to stay objective and impartial however hard it might be at times. And boy, it can be very tricky: when you receive a personally delivered package with cute ribbons and perfumed paper inside, packed with zillions products you know you could barely afford otherwise, it’s hard to even think anything bad about them, let alone be bold enough to send them into Pandora’s Box. But heavens know, I try. For your sake and for the sake of my own integrity and creditability.

That’s why this time I’ve decided to judge all the foundations by the same criteria, so that my intentions and opinions would be as transparent to you as possible. Here are the factors I’ll be evaluating:

  • How easy is it to apply?
  • How long does it stay?
  • The best thing about it.
  • Whom does it suit the most?
  • The major drawback.
  • Would I buy it again?
  • Would I recommend it to others?
  • Total score on the scale from 1 to 10

… and now meet the test subjects:

Foundation Swatches

1. Green People Pressed Powder Caramel Light, 2. Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation SPF-15 Nude, 3. YOUNGBLOOD Natural Mineral Foundation Soft Beige, 4. Sisley Phyto Teint Expert Ivory, 5. L’Oréal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 200 Golden Sand, 6. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Shade 4

* Due to descriptiveness overload of six foundations reviews in one post, I’ve decided to split it into two parts. So today I’ll be talking about mineral and pressed powders, and tomorrow you’ll find all the liquid ones in another post.

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation SPF-15

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation SPF-15

After my first attempt at mineral make-up (that ended up as a miserable failure), I was very sceptic about giving Sheer Cover a shot. I’ve got it with Glossy Box this spring and it took me a couple of month before I’ve even tried it on for the first time.

When it comes to this type of foundations, application is the key. You gotta have a really good kabuki brush (I was using this one from YOUNGBLOOD) and you gotta practice the moves: tap a sprinkling of powder into the lid of your foundation pot, dip in the brush and swirl around, tap off the excess and then apply it in downward strokes, starting with each cheek, then forehead and lastly the nose and chin. The more you work it in, the better it melds and less powdery it appears.

However in case with Sheer Cover, no matter how long and hard I swirl it around on my face, it still doesn’t look perfectly smooth. On the swatches above you can see that the pigment looks uneven on the small patch of a very lean skin, so you can imagine how hard it is to get it right on the face.

Apart from that, I don’t really have much to say about this foundation, it’s kind of blahhh: I wouldn’t buy it and I wouldn’t recommend it to others. All in all:
Score: 5/10

Green People Pressed Powder

Green People Pressed Powder

Green People is a British organic brand that produces everything from toothpastes to make-up. Their Pressed Powder was the first product I’ve tried and it definitely got me curious for more. As I wrote here, many years ago I was a big fan of super matt pressed powder look, and if I still were, this foundation would be one of my favourite.

As you can see on the picture above, it provides very good coverage and distributes evenly on the skin. For the shoot I was using bareMinerals Precision Face Brush that gives you full coverage right away. However Green People recommends using a kabuki brush in the same manner as you would apply a mineral powder (this technique turned out to be just as effective).

The best thing about it is that thanks to some magically green and organic ingredients, this foundation (unlike most of the other pressed powders I’ve tried) actually looks better the more it sits on the skin. I guess, it melts in thanks to the body heat while also absorbs any oil excess that might appear on your face (especially during a hot summer day). That last thing makes it a great finishing powder in case you prefer liquid foundations but struggling with keeping them on all day. In general, I’d say Green People‘s Pressed Powder is a good option for anyone with oily skin who doesn’t mind the matt effect it provides, with the major drawback being that this type of make-up isn’t really trendy at the moment. So I’d probably wouldn’t buy it myself, but would recommend as a good quality product that your skin will thank you for.
Score: 7/10

YOUNGBLOOD Natural Mineral Foundation

YOUNGBLOOD Natural Mineral Foundation

If you read my posts frequently or follow Beauty Pie on Instagram, you might have figured out that I’m a big fan of YOUNGBLOOD mineral make-up, which is apparently being used even on Barack Obama from time to time. I’ve been trying out most of their products (including primer, finishing powder, lipstick, eyeshadow and even mascara), but deliberately avoiding the powder, because I didn’t want to get disappointed in one of my favourite cosmetics brands. That’s why when I received Purely the Basics Kit, I’ve decided to give it away to a friend. Luckily (as it turned out for everyone involved) about the same time another friend lost her entire make-up bag during a wild night out. As she was telling me that story while were getting ready to go out, I pulled out the kit out of my bag, presenting it to her and saying we should try it on immediatedly.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the final results and was very-very impressed. This mineral powder not only provides the exact amount of coverage you want and need (from barely visible to full), but it also gives your skin a very photogenic glow (see the picture above) that stays on for hours. And hours. And then a little bit more.

During that trial night my friend got quite some compliments to her fresh look, so for the first time in my entire life I was proud of my make-up skills and determined to buy YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Foundation on my next trip to Sephora.

This is the foundation I’ve been using the most in the past couple of months, and frankly I’m very happy, even though my skin doesn’t provide a great starting point right now and has seen much better conditions before. However, I can see how some of you might think it looks a little bit too make-up-ish and not very natural, so I’ll  be glad to discuss what you think in the comments below. So don’t be shy, I’m dying to hear what’s on your mind!
Score: 9/10

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