Spring 2015 Cosmetics: Niina’s Choices


I continue sharing my beauty must-haves and new discoveries. This time I’m going to tell you all about natural cosmetics that I’ve been testing during the spring.

A couple of years ago I quitted antiperspirants and switched completely to more natural and body-friendly deodorants. I was using cool looking and effective crystals until I found out that even those aren’t 100% clean (in a nutshell: they still contain aluminium and it’s not proven safe). When it comes to Weleda Wild Rose, there ain’t no hidden agenda or any skeletons in a closet: all there’re on the ingredients’ list are spirit and a bunch of essential oils, which help to fight  smelly bacteria and keep you fresh and rosy.

This spring I’ve got rms beauty fever, which resulted in impulsive purchase of six or seven pretty little glass jars from this organic make-up brand. Believe me, those babies aren’t free, so I really do blame this overindulgence on a momentary spring craziness that got into me. In case, you guys would be interested to read a proper review of each product, just let me know in the comments, but for now I just want to highlight my two absolute favourites: number one – universal tint for both lips and cheeks lip2cheek in Illusive shade (you can see how it looks on here), number two – brands flagship and bestseller highlighter living luminizer that gives your skin luminous glow minus any visible glitter or shimmer.

I’m a big fan and long-time adept of natural mud masks. I think they’re perfect for deep skin cleansing and they don’t cost much, which is always a nice bonus. My current obsessions is Moroccan Rhassoul mud: it comes in a maroon shade powder that easily dissolves in water to make a nice facial mask, soft body scrub or even a cleansing remedy for your hair. The later option is the one you’d have to take your time to get used to though (which I never really did): it won’t get your hair squeaky clean (I normally don’t compromise for anything else), however it gives you more volume and texture. I mostly use Rhassoul as a face mask: mix it with a bit of water till yoghurt-y consistency, apply on the skin and leave it on for about ten minutes then rinse with warm water. The result – visibly cleaner and fresher skin.

When the spring came I felt like getting a new lighter and non-sticky body moisturiser. Quince Hydrating Body Milk from Dr.Hauschka has won me over with its soft texture and lovely (although not very prominent) scent. I like it a lot, however, I can’t really recommend it to you all just yet, as I suspect it might be over way too soon. 145ml bottle costs 16€ and unfortunately it seems like it won’t last that long.

Thanks to Aline this year I’ve discovered Ren – a British  skincare brand with rather holistic aproach to beauty and natural ingredients. In the end of February I’ve got myself a nice start kit with three products: basic facial moisturizer Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Creamgel-cream for acne-prone skin ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream (you can red Aline’s full review over here) and night serum with AHA-complex Resurfacing AHA Concentrate.

Hands down I loved all three of them: the day cream gives me enough moisture, without leaving any traces or making the skin excessively oily, gel-cream does help to fight pimples and blemishes (although, I didn’t get the same wow-effect as Aline describes it in her post. Which makes me think that her skin transformation had a lot to do with the fact that she had quitted gluten and sugar at the same time as she started using Ren products). The serum, when applied under the night cream, makes your skin fresher and gives it a nice glow on the morning after. I’m actually planning on testing some more stuff from the brand: on top of my lists is Vita Mineral Omega 3 Optimum Skin Oil,

Have you discovered anything new and exciting this spring? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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