Summer 2015 Cosmetics: Niina’s Choices


It’s almost the middle of August — perfect time to tell you about my summer discoveries and new favorites!

1. Pai Skincare BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil. I decided to buy this one when Aline told me she really liked its nourishing properties. I’ve also came across with a number of other positive reviews, so when I was looking for a new moisturiser it didn’t take me long to choose this oil. It’s indeed very moisturising. I started using while being on vacation: in the evenings after spending the whole day on the beach and the results were quite impressive (usually my skin is much drier in the summer). Also what really hooked me up on it was the lovely scent, it really reminds me of the sea buckthorn oil from Siberia that my granny was using as a universal remedy when I was a kid, so Pai’s Rosehip Oil brings some sweet memories back every time I’m using it.


2. Hair clips from &Other Stories. I’ve been wearing a shoulder length hair quite for some time now — somehow it feels more comfortable (before I used to have longer hair). I got these clips by a pure chance but ended up using them almost all the time: they hold the fringe in place and give a nice accent to the hairdo.

3. Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser is my daily moisturiser this summer. It initially impressed me with its quantity and price (not that often organic moisturisers are sold in a huge 120 ml tube for a mere 39 euro), besides it has a SPF 30 which is sufficient pretty much almost all the time (I’m not a fan of the direct sunlight anyway). I like that it’s non-greasy yet my face doesn’t ever feel dry. Also I have to admit that I was wearing it even on the beach during my holidays and my face never burned — quite impressive!

4. I’m still going a bit crazy when it comes to cute RMS Beauty pots — I have a lot already and can’t stop myself from buying MORE. This summer my favorite is lip2cheek in Promise, which I first thought wouldn’t look good on me because of its warm undertones. I was wrong! This peachy color with a light shimmer perfectly accentuates the suntan and adds glow to the face. Just what a girl needs on a warm summer evenings!



5. If you read my previous post you probably know about my newest discovery in the world of eyeshadows. This summer I’m using Grace from Kjaer Weis all the time — it’s really easy to apply and the shade is so versatile that I honestly can’t think of the situation when I couldn’t wear it. Very flattering yet neutral — a new must-have!


Have you discovered anything new and exciting this summer? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

All cosmetics mentioned in the post I purchased with my money at It was not sent to me by PR and I did not receive any money to post this review.

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