Swedish Beauty and Cosmetics Awards – Report: Part I


Two weeks ago I had the honour to be invited to the Swedish Beauty and Cosmetics Awards: a gala-masquerade that took place in a Renaissance castle that hosts Nordic Museum. In the first part of my report I’d like to tell you how you can get ready for probably the most important industry event in your career in just 1,5 hours.

No, Beauty Pie wasn’t one of the nominees this  year. So technically, I wasn’t invited. I only knew that all the guests were asked to wear masks and that the theme of the evening was “Mystery” from other beauty bloggers and journalists’ Instagram accounts, where they were asking followers to help them choose outfits or give makeup advice.

I’d actually even tried to invite myself by e-mailing KTF (the organization behind the event) and asking if there were any press-passes available. And of course there weren’t. Frankly, this is the biggest beauty event in Sweden and most of the guests started to think about what to wear and where to get a mask before we even launched Beauty Pie last December. I was upset, but not surprised.

It was just an ordinary Thursday and it happened to be my day off. I had a nice and hearty lunch with Jessica, from which I just came back home. I was in bed watching Under the Gunn and fixing my nails. I noticed I had a missed call… and an SMS. The PR-agency that was responsible for the guest list of the gala was wondering if I was still interested in attending. o_O. Even though I was wearing sweatpants, my dirty hair was put up in a bun and I had never in my entire life owned a gown, how could I say “No”? Then I realized it was already past 5pm. The mingle started at 7. I tried not to panic.

The closest I could get to smoking dress code was an emerald jumpsuit from & Other Stories, which I had for a New Year’s celebration. The choice was easy, because I only had one option. A nice pair of black heels, a little purse from H&M and a 2€ mask that I bought for another New Year’s party five years ago. The jumpsuit was almost a bit loose on the butt, which made me feel really good about myself. And in the long run, that’s the only thing that counts. If you feel like a million dollars in a 100€ dress, you’re unstoppable.

Swedish Beauty Awards Look

From left to right: label.m Volume Foam, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, pHformula C.C. Cream, The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine Lipstick, Dr. Hauschka Chorus Matte Shimmer Blish Trio

As I told you, my hair was rather dirty and washing it couldn’t be considered. It’s a process that takes me a couple of hours and I only had a little more than 45 minutes left. Luckily I could model some waves and make it look a bit more fun with the help of label.m Volume Foam. I pinned all the hair on one side to make it look a little more glam and to hide the pimples.

I decided to go for strong brows, rosy cheeks and spring-light lips in a nude-pink to complement the colour of the outfit. For the face I used: pHformula C.C. Cream and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. For the brows – a magic 5-Element Brow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which I truly believe every girl should own. My favourite light pink blush from Dr. Hauschka Chorus Matte Shimmer Trio for cheeks and under the brow to brighten and refresh the look. To finish I tapped a little bit of The Body Shop‘s new Colour Crush Shine Lipstick (in Sunset Romance 18 shade) on the lips and was off to mingle with Sweden’s most important beauty people.

I’ve never been around so many beautiful ladies and gentlemen in one place before and it was great to see that everyone took the theme seriously: almost 99% of the guests had masks and some were even creative enough to paint one with the makeup. My favourite look was the one by GlossyBox Scandinavia’s Beauty Director – Victoria Senkpiel. She was so drop-dead-gorgeous that I had to get in touch with her and find out where on Earth she got the most beautiful dress and which magician made her hair.

Victoria SENKPIEL glossy box

Photos courtesy of Henric Persson

Apparently, Victoria is not only one of the most knowledgeable people in Swedish beauty industry, but also a talented fashion designer. She designed this stunning blue gown herself and it was then sewed by Richmond Design. The whole project started in the beginning of February and the dress was finally ready just in time for the gala.

I think that the open back looks both very sexy and sophisticated. Victoria told me that the golden V actually stands for her name, as she’s often called “V” by both friends and colleagues. Isn’t it adorable? A dress not only with a deep cutout, but also a meaning?

Behind the mask Victoria was rocking a smokey eye in a dark brown shade and strong eyebrows. To balance it up, the lips were left a bit more neutral with a light pink lipstick in matte finish from MAC (Pink Plaid). Both hair and makeup was done by Stockholm Stylisterna who work with PürMinerals. The hair was inspired by Blake Lively’s red carpet looks: a romantic fishtail braid that was left a bit loose for a bohemian chic vibe.

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