Urban Decay Naked 2 vs. Maybelline The Nudes


Even if you’re not a big fan of eye make-up or maybe haven’t mastered it quite yet, there should be a nude palette in your cosmetic bag for the occasions when you need to look a bit more glamorous and dressed-up. Actually, especially if you don’t apply eye-shadows so often, you should really look into nudes, because they’ll allow you to experiment with different colour combinations without risking to ever look like a circus artist or someone who doesn’t have a clue what they are doing.Well, the hard thing about choosing the right palette is that there are way too many of them on the market: almost every brand has some nudes in their collection, and they all range in textures, shades, quantities and, of course, price. That’s why me and a dear friend of Beauty Pie – industry maven and make-up connoisseur – Emelie Sundberg decided to put two palettes to test to see if there’re that much of difference between 15€ mass-market newcomer – Maybelline‘s The Nudes and Urban Decay‘s 50€ legend – Naked 2.

For the fair game, we asked a talented make-up artist – Viktoria Segerberg – to create two similar smokey eye looks: one using The Nudes, the other one – with Naked 2 and evaluate how easy each of them is to work with, how universal the shades are and whether they are well pigmented or not.

Here’s me wearing Maybelline:


… and this is Emelie in Naked 2:


For my look Viktoria used: soft brown shade #8 (lower row, second from the left) as a base for the whole eyelid, and darker brown #10 – for the crease. The colours on the lid are #2 (second from the left in the upper row) and a bit of golden #9. To pump up intensity, she also applied #1 shimmery highlighter on top of everything, and as a final step, we used black #12 to line the eye both on the upper and the lower side. Viktoria also recommends to always start your eye make-up with a bit of black shadow (or an eyeliner) on the upper waterline, it’s a small and almost invisible trick, but it makes a huge difference for the shape definition and mascara volume.


Although the results look quite fabulous, Viktoria says that the product isn’t very easy to work with: as the shadows aren’t pigmented enough, it takes time to get the desired concentration of colour and shimmer. On the other side, because they are so faint, you won’t have that much of a problem with them crumbling under the eyes both during application and throughout the day. For the best outcome, no matter which brand of eye shadows you use, always start with an eye primer, which will allow you to get more colour out of each shade and prevent the product from lumping on the crease.


The colours themselves are very diverse and make great combinations: in this palette you have both highlighters, some darker formulas for lining (it’s always beneficial to have pure black and a couple of deep browns) and a great variety of mattes and shimmers to create stunning looks. To get you inspired you can either have a look at Maybelline‘s official website, where they have suggestions for duos, trios and quads, or if you feel confident enough with your colour scheming, just wing it.maybelline-the-nudes-profile-open-eyes

To create Emilie’s look: for the base Viktoria applied neutral taupe shade Tease on the entire eyelid and then put it under the eye too. To get back some of the natural shadows, she layered dark brown Busted on the crease and again under the eye. For the punch of colour, glitter and glamour Emilie got sophisticatedly pink YDK on the entire upper lid, and then a bit of Verve in the inner corner of the eye for highlight and Blackout on the outer parts for smokiness.


Victoria was pretty amazed how easy Urban Decay‘s shadows are to work with. You don’t need much of a product to get a lot of colour, and they look equally smashing both in the palette and on the skin. You can also notice quite a difference in a quality of shimmer, while Maybelline‘s The Nudes give more of a glittery finish, Naked 2 almost glows from inside, looking way more expensive.urban-decay-naked-2-front-open-eyes

When working with so highly pigmented products, if you ever have a bit of a problem with the shadows falling from the brush to your skin, Viktoria advises to put a bit of finishing powder all around your eyes before the application, in that way you can just dust away any excesses without leaving any mess.



So if you ask me, I’d say that Naked 2 is my favourite palette of all time, not only because of its great quality but also thanks to its versatility and the fact that it allows you to create pretty much any look from easy-breezy day make-up to full-on evening smokey gorgeousness. I think all three of us agree that it’s definitely worth the investment, no matter where on the pro-scale you are, frankly, even if you’re a complete beginner.

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