Which Eyeshadow to Use for Blue Eyes?


I wanted to start off by saying that we are sorry for the break in publications. The team of Beauty Pie has been having a wonderful summer vacation. Today we are back with the post about my main discovery this year —shade palette that does wonders for accenting blue and grey eyes.

I don’t really like eye makeup. For a long time I didn’t even use a mascara but now I started applying a little again, just before going out. Doing a peacock feather style eye makeup has never really been my thing: I am too impatient and never mastered it enough being sure that focusing on the lips works better for my face.

However, a lot changed this year when I discovered the palette that works in the most perfect way for  greyish-blue eyes: brown and beige warm shades:


Just like sun tan, warm brownish shades instantly accentuate blue and grey eyes and make them more radiant. The trick is in the fact that blue and brown palettes are the opposite segments of the color circle so they compelment each other in the most contrasting way. Light beige tones work best for the daytime, while deep chocolate browns make perfect smokey for the night out. Similarly, you might try to use blue shadow for the brown eyes. If you are, like me, not a big fan of strong eyeshadows, choose blue mascara: it is more subtle.

Look at these photos of a Dutch model Lonneke Engel as a source of inspiration (here and here). I was struck by her beauty as a schoolgirl, when I saw Ralph by Ralph Lauren campaign for the first time. 15 years later I recognise that brown smoky is the reason for the striking depth of her glance.

At the moment my favourite eyeshadows are a trio from Kjaer WeisGrace, new light shade, Magnetic, golden with a shimmer, and Earthy Calm in milk chocolate colour. There are similar shades in many other brands’ collections so finding your favourites shouldn’t be a problem.

What is your favourite eyeshadow palette?

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