10 Best Cheap Beauty Products


10 best beauty buys that will help you save money for Christmas presents and winter vacation.

We have to admit, when it comes to our preferences in beauty products we tend to land on a high-end side, because let’s agree, it feels especially good to indulge yourself with something not only effective, but also luxe. However, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Most of the time buying affordable cosmetics allows you to buy more, which is always fun, isn’t it? Or maybe you’re saving up for some other purposes? Although we don’t have a clue what else can a girl spend her hard-earned salary on other than beauty.

Regardless of whether you’re tight on budget because you’ve just purchased a whole new winter wardrobe or maybe you don’t feel like splurging on an eye cream with gold, we’ve made a shopping list of 10 products that are totally amazing and also very cheap (all under 20€).

Starting with the lipgloss, counter-clockwise:

Wearing Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer (8€) is like having a retro red Porsche on your lips but cheaper. It’s not a lipgloss but rather a lipstick, with strong vibrant creamy color. Olga owns the shade called ‘Big Bang’, and it is definitely called like this for a reason. If there were images in this post, we would just show you what happens to your lips when you apply it, at that would be it.

Eyeliners are a tough buy: fail once and you’ll be scared of them for life. Aline loves Maybelline‘s Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner (10€) because a) it’s extremely easy to use; b) it doesn’t dry out; c) apply it on a primer and it will last the whole day. Thanks to its ultra-thin 0.4mm tip, you can create any lines that are humanly possible (so let you imagination flow), while extremely saturated formula ensures that you only need to draw it once to avoid any mess or excesses.

Aline will never grow tired of recommending L’Oréal’s Volume Million Lashes So Couture mascara (18€). It’s key features include: high precision brush that can coat even the tinniest lashes, adjustable volume with no risk for clumps and easiness of removal. If you still don’t own a tube of this liquid magic, read the full review with pictures here and then try to resist the will to purchase.

L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Fresh Self-Tanning Gel (19€)

There are a few cult beauty products that have been with us (what feels like) forever, but still stay on top of the game. For example, L’Oréal’s Elnett hair spray or Yves Saint Laurent‘s Touche Éclat and of course the queen of all nail polishes – Revlon Nail Enamel in Revlon Red 680 (8.5€). When Aline feels like being classy, she puts on two coats of this true red (it’s neither warm, nor cold), a little black dress and a pair of leather pumps. Classics are called so for a reason, right?

Lip pencils are genius. They help the lipstick last longer and do not demand being of the exactly same shade. They do not add that much to lips department budget and even save your lipstick. Olga’s Bourjois Lèvres Contour (8€) is one of the best you can find within any price range. The product description claims it is designed to fit any Bourjois lipstick or lipgloss, but we would expand that to any lipstick or lipgloss at large.

Olga has always been into cheap blush. To be honest, it’s hard to imagine a really bad one, especially compared to how awful foundation or mascara could be. Essence Silky Touch Blush (3€) is light, a little bit sparkly, pigmented just right and comes in six shades. Olga’s favorite is “autumn peach” that gives a perfect natural glow of the light autumn leftover tan.

If you wear make-up all day, chances are you probably use something with long durability and/or waterproof. We guess you don’t need to hear from us what a pain it can be removing everything in the evening, when you just came home after a long day at work or a fun night out and all you want is to go to bed putting as little effort as possible. Aline experiences such laziness attacks all the time and stores a bottle of Garnier’s Essentials Express 2-in-1 Eye Makeup Remover (6€) in her bathroom cabinet for these occasions. Shake it, soak a cotton pad with it, rub around your face and eyes. Ready! Go! Sleep!

Finnish makeup brand Lumene is really good in blemish balms. Their Time Freeze
 CC Anti-Age Color Correcting Cream has been in Olga’s beauty bag for a really long time until she tried her new favorite — Skin Perfector BB All-In-One Balancing Blemish Balm SPF 25 from the brand’s budget line Natural Code. When applied, the creme dries out within several seconds, leaving the skin looking evenly “photoshopped”, but still moisturised and not too matte. As it often happens with BB-cremes, it only comes in one universal shade, so before buying the product check if your skin tone is average enough.

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean (5€)

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