Best Aluminium-Free Deos That Actually Work

Safe aluminium-free deodorants

Even if you don’t pay any attention to the ingredients list on the back of your beauty products, there’s one element you should really watch out for. It’s aluminum in your deodorant. Here is why:

Sweating is the most natural thing that happens to our bodies when we get warm from an exercise or hot weather. It’s sort of a cooling down mechanism that protects us from overheating. Thus, preventing the body from sweating is just as dumb as turning off your home air conditioner when it’s +45C outside. In case you own one and it functions well, you just wouldn’t do it, or would you? Besides, sweat itself doesn’t smell, it’s the bacteria that quickly grows and multiplies in a wet and warm environment in our sweaty armpits that produces the unpleasant odour, which we’ve been trying to fight by stopping ourselves from sweating.

One of the active ingredients in most deodorants is aluminum, which acts as an antiperspirant by blocking sweat glands and significantly reducing the amount of sweat that is coming out. The bad thing about it is that by preventing ourselves from sweating we also prevent toxins from being expelled from our bodies. There’s also been some research that links usage of aluminum containing deodorants to the increased risk of breast cancer, however most of the Cancer Associations around the world claim it’s insufficient, so let’s not go that far.

Our main point here is that sweating is good and natural: it cools our bodies down and eliminates toxins, though the only bad thing about sweating is that it increases the bacteria growth which in its turn, produces a bad smell. What we suggest is concentrating on getting rid of the odor instead of turning off some of the body’s natural functions. It’s a bit like if you have bad breath you’ll probably start by brushing your teeth and using mouthwash instead of pulling all your teeth out.

In this post we’ve collected six aluminum-free deodorants with antibacterial ingredients that will fight the unpleasant smell without interfering with your body’s sweating mechanisms.

1. Ushuaïa – Déodorant Bio Vanille Bille. This is a personal favourite of a Swedish beauty-guru and editor in chief of Daisy Beauty magazine Kicki Norman. 24H efficiency, low price and the nice sweet scent of vanilla and zesty citruses make this an ultimate everyday deodorant. Too bad it is not sold anywhere outside France.

2. (Malin + Goetz) – Eucalyptus Deodorant. Both alcohol and aluminum-free deodorant formulated with refreshing Eucalyptus extract and odour-neutralizing Citronellyl. It is claimed to be especially suitable for sensitive skin types. Very sleek packaging but get prepared for an “overcompensation phase” when switching to this product from antiperspirant deos as your body may produce more water as the “flood gates” open.

3. AesopDeodorant formulated with eleven essential oils and has an appealing Vetiver scent. Unbeatable advantages: very convenient and good looking spray-bottle and unisex scent, so you can share it with your boyfriend. Main disadvantage: the price. 27€ for an everyday hygiene product is a bit of overkill.

4. Dr. Hauschka – Deodorant Fresh. This formula combines Witch Hazel and Sage extracts to absorb odor without clogging pores. The citrus scent keeps you fresh all day long.

5. Burt’s Bees – Herbal Deodorant. Minimizes and neutralizes odor naturally with Sage, Lemon and Lavender blend. Has a lovely Sage scent and comes in a convenient spray bottle.

6. LUSHThe Greeench. It combines Thyme, Rosemary and Tea Tree that are super powerful and effective at deodorizing. Thanks to its micro fine powders of Magnesium Trisilicate and Sodium Bicarbonate, this deo will also absorb the moisture without blocking sweat glands. Its application is a bit inconvenient so get prepared for this powder ending up all over your bathroom.

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