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This is Beauty Pie’s favourite category, because we get a chance to give back to you for all the support and care we receive. For every 100 likes on our Facebook page we ask five of you to share with us your most loved beauty products. This time, as there’s Men’s Day approaching in Russia, we talked to five boys representing Argentina, Korea, France, Sweden and Russia about their favourite grooming products. Great gift inspiration and a confirmation that boys and girls are not that different.

From left to right:

Diego Fria, Stockholm, Sweden:
“I can’t live without Burt’s BeesHoney Lip Balm. It’s 100% natural, tastes amazing and keeps my lips soft through the winter”.

Yonghee Park, New York, USA:
“My favourite product is Kiehl’sUltra Facial Cream. I have no trouble after using it, and it moisturizes my face really well. I have used it for three-four years, and last week I finally visited their original store, here in NY. It really looks like a drug store”.

Quentin Ducreux Lerebours, Berlin, Germany:
“I like LainoFluide Hydratant Eclat Jeunesse because it hydrates a lot without being too oily”.

Dima Konovalov, Saint Petersburg, Russia:
“I haven’t found anything better for winter than La Roche-PosayNutritic Lips. It takes care of my cracked lips (which has been a problem of mine since I was a kid) and as a great bonus it’s 100% fragrant-free”.

Joel Ekman, Stockholm, Sweden:
Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream is the only thing that helps my extremely dry skin stay moisturized. It’s rather oily, so I only use it at night”.

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