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We hate to admit it, but in Northern hemisphere November might be a bit depressing. It’s dark, it’s cold and it’s windy. Our skin and hair gets winter dry, we don’t look sun-kissed anymore and there’re still some weeks left till Christmas vacation. Our best trick for fighting greyness and drizzle is coziness overload. Our plan for this month is to stay in as much as we can, take long baths in candlelight, cuddle in warm, fluffy towels and daydream about sunny hot days in Morocco. Here’re five products to get you in the same mood:

From left to right: 

Voluspa candles from this year’s holiday collection are just adorable. They look gorgeous and have the loveliest scents. Actually, all three of them are so wonderful we couldn’t choose just one, so we’re wishing for the whole set. Cinnamon Ceylon & Copal for a fireplace room (not like any of us got it, but it sounds just right), Visions Of Sugar Plum for bedroom and Spruce Cuttings for bathroom. When the sun ceases to shine on our lives, we lit up some candles.

Usually, we prefer muskier, deeper and more mystical perfumes for fall, but sometimes it feels good to brighten a rainy day with notes of brown sugar and spearmint. & Other Stories’ Moroccan Tea – fresh-from-the-shelf eau de toilette by our favourite high street brand – transfers us from gloomy Europe to a golden sand beach on the Northern cost of Africa.

Reportedly one of Lisa Eldridge’s favourite face masks, which will also double as a moisturizer and a primer. in transit camera close-up by this works gives you an ultimate pampering and instant results. This cream is packed with plant oils, hyaluronic acid, argan oil and caffeine to fight skin tiredness and dullness.

It’s hard enough to step out from a warm shower on a chilly morning and then what really kills the coziness are the towels that are still wet from your bath time the night before. To avoid such an unpleasantness we recommend you switch to Coyuchi Air Weight. They are designed to effectively absorb moist from your body and dry quickly. Available in a variety of bright yet sophisticated colours (our current favourites are French Blue and Mid Dusty Aqua) they will surely look great both on you and in your bathroom.

During late fall and winter we spend most of our time either in bed or in a steamy bathtub. chilling and feeling sorry for ourselves. Actually, there is nothing more comforting than a long hot bath with soft bubbles and calming scent. Kiehl’s Lavender Foaming & Relaxing Bath is a perfect way to round up a long stressful day by enjoying some you-time or sharing a pleasant experience with someone you like.

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