Festival Wishlist


August is a big festival month and with two of us heading to Helsinki for Flow, we’d like to share five things we wish we could bring with us.

From top left corner, clockwise:

If you’re one of those tough festival goers who like to stay in a tent without a proper shower, you’ll might need DR. DENNIS GROSS Alpha Beta Smoothing Body Towel after you weekend beyond civilisation. This easy-to-use treatment addresses multiple skin concerns you might have after a couple of days out in the wilderness, like breakouts on the chest and back, sun-caused discolouration, red bumps  and dry skin on arms and legs. Witch hazel, glycolic acid, and willow bark extract exfoliate, firm, and tone. Skin will appear brighter and more luminous, and will feel refreshed and invigorated.

Aline suffers from entomophobia and would love to have Intelligent Nutrients‘ Bug Repellent Serum around at all times. It’s a unique non greasy combination of oils that has a pleasant scent of citrus and citronella. Even if you don’t need the repelling attributes, you’ll find it enjoyable to wear during any open-air activities and its 5ml bottle is perfect to carry in your purse, picnic basket, or backpack.

We know we’ll be sweating a lot when jumping and dancing to our favourite tunes of Robyn and Jamie XX, thanks to Everyday Deodorant With Alum Stone from Le Couvent Des Minimes, we’ll still stay fresh at no risk for our health at all. It’s original recipe consists of refreshing citrus fruits and rosemary, which neutralize bad body odours without constricting skin breathing. For more aluminium-free options and to find out why sweating is important, head over here.

If you, just like us, get disgusted by the dirty hands you get at festivals and the visit to a bathroom only makes things worse, try Jao Refresher, which could be your portable sink available at all times. It is the first “upscale” disinfectant and aromatherapy boost in one. Jao kills germs and freshens hands with Ethyl Alcohol and a nice blend of antiseptic essential oils: Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Sage. Unfortunately, it’s not being shipped outside USA, so we hope you or someone you know will be going to one of the millions exciting tests on the other side of Atlantic.

Our favourite pastime is chilling with style. So just image how gorgeous you would look in this sophisticated deck chair by Vincent van Duysen for Paola Lenti. Once you unfold it on the grass at the festival area, everyone around will become jealous of your beautifully comfortable sit and the exquisite taste in furniture.

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