Make Up Store Lipsticks Swatches – Part I: Bestsellers


Our most labour-intensive and picture-heavy project yet. To celebrate our love for lippies and Scandinavian make-up brands, we’ve teamed up with Make Up Store to bring you swatches of all their lipsticks. All 60 of them. Eventually. But first things first: here’re ten international bestsellers featuring everything from thick mattes to light shimmers in a wide variety of shades including intensive reds, electric pinks and barely-there-nudes.Let’s jump right on to it. But before we start, don’t forget to read this post to learn some basics about lipstick application.

I prepped my lips by scrubbing them with être belle Liplift Peel and then applying a thick layer of Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1. Let it get absorbed for a couple of minutes, wipe off any excesses and you’re ready for your lipstick.


My lips with no make-up, exfoliated and moisturised.

Here are the beauties I’ll be trying on:


All by Make Up Store: 1. Black Orchid 2. China Red 3. Raspberry 4. Prairie 5. Blush 6. Peachy 7. Pretty 8. Pretty Baby 9. Redwood 10. Exit

Black Orchid

Actually, one of the lipsticks I’ve been looking forward to trying on the most.


Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The deep beetroot purple shade is gorgeous, but the formula is uneven, so on the lips it looks quite patchy :( (actually, I could guess that it wouldn’t glide on easily even when I swatched it on my arm: it took me a couple of swipes to get that colour out).


On this photo I applied it on top of Smart Lip Pencil 710 from Kiko, it helped to fill in the gaps and get sharper contours, but I still wouldn’t wear it like that. Perhaps, some skilled make-up artists among you could give me some advice on how to master this beast, coz as I said, the colour is adorable.

China Red

The thickest matte lipstick I’ve ever tried. In the perfect red shade.


Although it’s very dense, it’s incredibly easy to put on (on the picture below I wear it without any liner: applied first straight from the tube, then contoured a bit with a help of MAC 266 Small Angle Brush, and finally corrected with Kiko Soft Focus Concealer).


Because it’s so thick, with the help of China Red you can easily draw yourself a bigger pair of smackers and no one will ever notice you cheating. I used to do it a lot when I was 18. I looked just like the picture below. Quite dangerous, am not I?



My favourite one from the batch. At first, I thought it was boring…


… then I tried it on. Its texture is unbelievably soft and creamy, it makes your lips look fuller, plumper, well nourished and properly moisturised. Delish! As a huge bonus it stays on for hours. I’ve tried it on top of Kiko Lip Base Primer (you might have noticed, someone has been stocking up at Kiko recently ;D) and it survived a whole working day in a store (eight hours of non-stop talking to the customers and even a light lunch). The shade is very subtle and universal, so I’d guess it will suit the most of you.



The one I didn’t care for that much.



Light, sheer, a bit orange (beware, it doesn’t look anything like the colour sticker on the packaging). I don’t see myself wearing it, but it will perhaps fit someone with a darker complexion.


Electric pink for a proper colour kick.


Creamy formula, easy glide, vibrant shade. Perfect for photoshoots or evening events. Reminds me of YOUNGBLOOD Dragon Fruit lipstick, which is actually cheaper and more accessible if you’re in the States. If you’re in Europe – go for Blush.



It’s almost like Blush, but flirtier, less in your face.


It’s a creme too, but a bit watered down and glossy. I like the fact that without any liner, it almost looks like a tinted lip balm. Nice daytime alternative for those of you who have pale skin like me, on somewhere more tanned it might just disappear.



Warm nude lipstick that I actually like.


I’ve always had some problems with nudes, because they look like something I’d find in my grandma’s purse, not something I’d wear myself. However, lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with eye make-up and falsies and to pair it with bright lips would be a crime against humanity. No lipstick at all doesn’t suit such a face either, because it looks like I was in a hurry and had no time to finish what I’ve started. In such situation a perfectly matched nudie is what you need.


To make it more dressed up, you can line it with Make Up Store Nude Beauty matt lip pencil.

Pretty Baby


No. Just: NO.




Almost as pretty as Pretty, but in a colder shade and with no shimmer.




Just like Prairie – orang-y, thus not my cup of tea, but otherwise a very nice lipstick.


So these were ten lipstick bestsellers from Make Up Store. Which one was you favourite and are there any other swatches you would love to see in the next post? Leave us a comment below and we’ll make your wish our command.

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