Pandora’s Box #1

Beauty Pie’s signature category: the notorious Pandora’s Box. In here, we’ve put the most useless beauty products we’ve bought (God knows why) that pretty much collect dust and take up space in our bathroom cabinets. As we spend a fortune on cosmetics each month, we thought we’d be helpful and neighbourly to prevent you from making some of our mistakes. Products in this category aren’t necessarily bad (as we believe that there’s no such thing as bad cosmetics), but these items either didn’t fit in in our daily routines, didn’t fulfill what was promised on the packaging or just didn’t meet our expectations. We’ve all been there sometimes: impulsively buying some multi-purpose oils just because they smell good, or new limited edition make-up products because the packaging looks so cute, or simply because something is on sale. Well, next time think twice, have you seen it flying out of Beauty Pie’s Pandora Box? Put it back on the shelf.

Pandora's Box

From left to right:

LUSH Charisma Skin Tint. Skin tint for all skin tones? Sounds awesome! SADLY, doesn’t work. If you’re as pale as Snow White, this thing will look a bit ridiculous on you. None of that promised “glowy natural look” more like “spray-tan-that-went-terribly-wrong”.

Kiehl’s ”Dry Run” Foot Cream. Foot creams have their own compartment in Pandora’s Box. The idea behind them is great: keep your feet fresh and soft. Though, we do have one question: when on Earth do you apply them? a) Before going to bed? It’s reasonable, but our feet don’t usually sweat that much at night. b) Before going for a long walk? Then you slide around your shoes like a bambi on ice. The correct answer is: c) Never.

Lee Stafford Shine Head SprayIt’s packaged as if it was marketed towards Barbie-girls who never grew up, and scented as an old-school car-freshner – this is the first hair product ever designed to make your hair look greasy. Need we say more?

Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil. What’s wrong with Weleda’s packaging in general? Why would anyone put body oil in a super heavy glass bottle? After application your hands get extremely slippery so you’d have to be very cautious not to drop the bottle on your feet. It also reminds us more of a cough medicine that belongs in a first aid kit, rather than a luxurious, relaxing oil that you won’t be ashamed to put on your bedside table.

Bliss Peeling Groovy Facial SerumOne word: alcohol. It makes you feel like using you’re using your teenage anti-pimple facial tonic again. And smell like you just bathed your face in vodka. Also, how can something containing alcohol be a serum? It can’t.

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