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Beauty Pie’s signature category: the notorious Pandora’s Box. This time we’ve teamed up with Consumerista — probably the best blogger writing about natural beauty in Russian. You can also check her updates on the instagram — not only in Russian. So that’s what Consumerista told us:

“Usually before purchasing a new product I’m going into the deep research: read various reviews, learn more about the manufacturer and brand values. Reviews of the well-trusted bloggers and interviews with brand founders play a big role in my decision making process. Most of the time products that I buy don’t disappoint me. However, it still happens.


What is the most important thing about a natural shampoo? Its ingredients and efficiency. Packaging, texture and scent also play some role, but are still less important. So all these points actually worked for Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo: it looked good, smelled nice, my hair was clean and nourished afterwards. But in the process of using it I faced one particular difficulty: it did not want to lather at all. While using natural shampoos I never expect a huge foam because these products do not contain SLS which are usually responsible for that. But my Weleda shampoo wasn’t giving any foam what made the overall wash of my long hair pretty complicated. One starts seeing some bubbles only with the second wash and only with a significant amount of the product. Thus, all the good things about this shampoo vanished because of the difficulties in using it and its sequential high run-off. The existing amount of natural shampoos that lather much better, come in bigger bottles and cost less can barely encourage me to make a repeated purchase of this Weleda shampoo.



One more hair shampoo that didn’t work for me was Shea Terra Organics Argan & Ghassool Shampoo + Spa Body Bar. I bought it for my hair (not for the body) as I couldn’t resist trying a shampoo that doesn’t contain even soft sulphates. As a bar it doesn’t contain any preservatives either, just six natural ingredients, you can’t go greener. But if we speak about the advantages of this shampoo that’s pretty much it. The scent reminded me of a laundry soap, but since I anticipated a wonderful result afterwards I decided not to pay much attention to a less than pleasant aroma. I washed my hair thoroughly and — disaster! — my hair not only smelled of a laundry soap they looked like hair washed with such soap: not clean at all and with some disgusting grease on top. It didn’t look better when my hair dried, my hair looked greasy, dull and kept that unpleasant smell of the bar so I couldn’t give this shampoo another chance. I’ll probably try it as a laundry soap indeed, for hair wash there are plenty of better options.



Another Shea Terra product. But here I need to make a remark right away: this product is not that bad and probably should not be part of this list, seems that it was just a bit unlucky. I bought this oil for the summer: in my blog I wrote that carrot oil has a natural SPF of 38-40. By chance at the same time I was also testing Wild Carrot Seed Oil by luxury brand Odacite, so I could compare these two similar oils and, sadly, Shea Terra lost the battle. I also have to mention that they are from different price ranges: while Shea Terra comes in 60ml bottle worth $20, the Odacite oil is a real treasure with the price tag of £45 for tiny 5 ml bottle. Even though both oils are pure, both cold pressed, both virgin, but there is a huge gap between them. Somehow the scent of Shea Terra oil really reminded me of the sunflower cooking oil. Maybe this was due to some specific technology used by Shea Terra, because the freshness of my oil was not in question. Probably I would not pay attention to the smell, at least it left some modest carrot residue aroma on the skin. But the Odacite oil smelled just wonderfully: it reminded me of the freshest carrot bunch pulled straight from the ground. Ok, it’s price tag is almost hateful, but from now on my heart belongs to Odacite. I still was using Shea Terra, and in fact it really served its purpose of nourishing and protecting from the sun, but this scent ruined everything, especially in comparison with the marvelous Odacite. Maybe I’ll still give Shea Terra another chance next summer or I will go for the raspberry seed oil which also has a high natural SPF.



It is the first product I tried from this Australian brand. Sadly, it turned out to be a total disappointment. Besides a really good looking packaging there is nothing in this hand cream that I could mention: texture is too light and watery, moisturizing properties inexistent, and the smell! Really drugstore, but not in a good way, no hint of vanilla or orange whatsoever. Maybe it has gone rancid before reaching me? Usually the scent indicates if something is wrong with the product. But sodium dehydroacetate, a soft preservative, stands in the middle of the ingredients list, so it shouldn’t be the case. Maybe there are issues with the formula or method? Maybe just bad luck? No idea. Later, reading some reviews I figured out, that with this brand it is usually either hit or miss. For me, sadly, it was a total miss from the start. Pity that my first impression with the product from Grown Alchemist was not good at all.



Those of you who follow my blog might be surprised to find Pai Skincare product in this list. But we have to be objective, right? Even if it comes to our favourite brands. First coming out as a limited edition, this mask later made its way to be permanent resident of Pai Skincare line. What was wrong about it? Ingredients, scent, packaging: everything was perfect except for the actual effect — there was none at all. I remember discussing it with one of my readers, she also couldn’t understand the purpose of this mask. I tried to add Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, or Age Confidence Oil to it, applied it to the damp and to the dry skin… Nothing worked for me, no radiance at all, just flat. To summarize: I do not have any particular feelings about this product, maybe it just did not manage to find a common language with my skin. Anyway I will finish the tube, but would not repurchase. At the end of the day all brands have less successful products in their ranges, and Pai has enough of gorgeous ones.

Were you ever disappointed with any natural beauty purchase? Tell us!

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