Pandora’s Box #3

Pandora's Box: the worst and most useless cosmetics

Beauty Pie’s signature category: the notorious Pandora’s Box. In here we’ve put the most useless beauty products that collect dust and take up space in our bathroom cabinets. As we spend a fortune on cosmetics each month, we thought we’d be helpful and neighbourly to prevent you from making some of our mistakes. Products in this category aren’t necessarily bad (as we believe that there’s no such thing as bad cosmetics), but these items either didn’t fit in in our daily routines, didn’t fulfill what was promised on the packaging or just didn’t meet our expectations. We’ve all been there sometimes: impulsively buying a body lotion just because it smells good, or new limited edition make-up products because the packaging looks so cute, or simply because something is on sale. Well, next time think twice, have you seen it flying out of Beauty Pie’s Pandora Box? Put it back on the shelf.

From left to right:

In case you want to switch to organic cosmetics, we beg you: don’t start with Weleda‘s Iris Hydrating Night Cream. Chances are you will be so disappointed with its results that you might as well lose faith in all natural products. This cream is extremely oily, which we could forgive being an intensively moisturizing night cream, unless its effects were as bad as they are: the morning after you won’t be able to notice either a healthy glow, or freshness of deeply hydrated skin. The only thing you’ll see will be an oily shininess, as if your face was a frying pan. Also be careful: this product can trigger an allergic reaction (which happened to some of us, so there’s no way Iris is leaving Pandora’s Box anytime soon).

There are so many things that went wrong with LUSH‘s Passionate that we don’t even know where to start. This lip colour (that is packaged in the same bottles as LUSH’s eyeliners and eyeshadows and reminds us of nail polish) looks like an unwelcome greeting from the 80’s. Its fuchsia pink shade screams of tacky prom makeup, and will make a great pair to glossy blue eyeshadows and bright blush in a matching shade. Keep this in mind for the next time you’re attending a dress-up party. If you ever try it on just for fun, be prepared to spend at least half an hour trying to remove it from your lips. We tried make-up remover, lip-scrub and even washed our faces twice and still have some of this pink disaster left on our lips as we write this text.

We were so excited when Ciaté launched their new Nail Polish Removers with chocolate scents. Finally we could do our manicure during lunch break at work without disturbing our coworkers. As huge fans of After Eight we got ourselves a bottle of Mint Chocolate Nail Polish Remover. God knows it was the worst spent 15€ ever. Not only does it smell like a cheap nail polish remover from a grocery store, but after you remove a plastic cap that covers the smell up in the store, it also doesn’t do its job! How ridiculous is this: we spent more time un-painting our nails than covering them with four layers of Ciaté‘s own nail polish.

Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation from The Body Shop hasn’t fulfilled our expectations either. Actually, it delivered everything we hate about mineral powders: after wearing it for just a couple of hours your face will look oily and shiny, plus the powder itself crumbles and gets darker. The packaging is a problem on its own: the sound of the unscrewing of the lid makes us cringe the same way as the sound of a nail scratch on a chalkboard or a fork on a plate.

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