Pandora’s Box #6 with Daria Burkova

Pandora's Box with Daria Burkova

Beauty Pie’s signature category: the notorious Pandora’s Box. This time we’ve teamed up with a charismatic beauty vlogger – Daria Burkova and asked her to tell us about the most useless beauty products that collect dust and take up space in her bathroom cabinet.

We can hardly imagine how much money Daria spends on cosmetics weekly and her investments are highly diversified: from luxury brands to every single products from iHerb, this Muscovite has tested it all and will now show you a safe passage through the cosmetics jungles. We couldn’t admire Daria more for her brutal honesty and unbelievable courage: not everyone dares to send Dior and Chanel into Pandora’s Box, but those who do earn our lifelong respect.

From left to right:

Even though we ourselves consider alcohol as nourishment and do use it in reconstruction purposes after a long and tough day at work, when applied on hair it rarely provides the same effect. On the contrary, hair products containing cetearyl alcohol in the long run will make your hair dry and lifeless, sucking up all its moisture. So imagine what happens if alcohol is one of the main ingredients in a hair mask that you leave on for at least 15 minutes weekly. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t buy Nourish Reconstruction Mask from Toni&Guy.

We applaud the creativeness of the companies who tirelessly invent more and more products to add to our skincare routines. As if two steps cleansing, serum, moisturiser, eye cream, lip cream and SPF cream weren’t enough, MyChelle came up with Pure Harmony Mist, which is supposed to be used in-between serum and moisturiser. While the purpose of this product still stays unrevealed, its results has discouraged us from using it ever again. It makes skin extremely oily, shiny and slimy. In fact, it’s so slippery your day cream will glide away from your face as if it was an ice slide.

Dior‘s skincare made an appearance in three (out of six) Pandora’s Boxes we’ve released so far and every beauty blogger we’ve talked to had at least one awful experience with this brand’s products. Daria told us about Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil – a perfect choice for a masochist: it hurts and tingles both skin and eyes. However, it’s even more painful to throw away a bottle worth 35€, so you’ll probably keep using it despite it all. On a plus side – it’s so runny that its 200ml won’t last you more than a couple of month, so at least the torture will be over quite soon.

Ohhh, how we love to hate bareMinerals‘s Ready Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Foundation. Even more so when we get to do it with other beauty bloggers. Daria and Aline spent over ten minutes on Skype bitching about this terrible compact powder. The two were unified by the traumatic experience of foundation that crumbles, clogs the pores and looks so matte that both girls are planning to use it for their Halloween geisha make-up. If you’re still not convinced that you should never buy this product ever in your life, read Aline’s full review here.

Total Lip Treatment from Sensai promises to promote collagen synthesis and firm the area around the lips, while minimising dullness, repairing roughness, and making lips plumped up and smooth. Of course, all that is not for free, but at a cost of over 100€ for 15ml. While it does deliver above mentioned results for very short time (we are talking about like 15 minutes of plumpness), it also leaves white patches on the lips and loses on all fronts in comparison with products based on ceramides.

The only reason why you will ever be justified to purchase a body lotion from Chanel is if you’re in love with of one of the brand’s perfumes. The bad news for the fans of Coco Mademoiselle scent is that Coco Mademoiselle Moisturizing Body Lotion stays on the skin for 15 minutes. At top. Add to it the itching sensations you’ll experience after applying the product and we bet you’ll reconsider spending over 50€ on a formula with an ingredient list of a mass-market body lotion.

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