Pandora’s Box #7

Pandora's Box

Beauty Pie’s signature category: the notorious Pandora’s Box. In here we put the most useless beauty products that collect dust and take up space in our bathroom cabinets. Products in this category aren’t necessarily bad (as we believe that there’s no such thing as bad cosmetics), but these items either didn’t fit in in our daily routines, didn’t fulfill what was promised on the packaging or just didn’t meet our expectations. We’ve all been there sometimes: impulsively buying one more face mask from a exciting brand we’re curious about, or a all natural dry shampoo because the packaging looks so neat, or simply because something is on sale or virtually free. Well, next time think twice, have you seen it flying out of Beauty Pie’s Pandora Box? Put it back on the shelf.

From left to right:

Yves Rocher BB Creme Sublime 6 en 1‘s name is very promising: six in one. To be honest, we don’t even expect that much from a BB-cream in this price range. All we want is a light coverage, so the claimed 24-hour hydration and skin radiance could be a huge bonus. If only it wasn’t for one little detail: as soon as you touch your face or try to put a powder or a blush to top of it, it starts to flake off in huge pieces. Quite disgusting, isn’t it? First cream in the history that went straight to Pandora’s without hesitation and immediately after the first application.

There’re so many things that are wrong about Seaweed Clay Mask from The Organic Pharmacy that we don’t even know where to begin. Firstly, the price: 30€ for 60g that won’t last you even a month. We often pay more, but for luxurious and/or effective cosmetics, which this mask is definitely not. The company is so greedy they won’t even attach a muslin cloth with which you’re supposed to remove the product. Secondly, it does close to nothing. While it promises deep cleansing and brightening, all you get is the skin that is slightly drier and almost duller than what you’ve started with. And last but not least, we’ve expected so much more from the brand that created Cleopatra’s Body Scrub and Resculpting Body Gel.

You guys all know that we’re adepts of aluminium-free-deodorants-cult. What you don’t know is how much effort we put into finding ones that actually work. We chip in hours of research, weeks of delivery anticipation, hundreds of euros and litres of sweat to find products that are 100% effective and safe to use. Unfortunately, more than a half of test subjects could potentially end up in Pandora’s BoxLavera‘s Deodorant Roll-On Milk & Honey looked very promising on paper: made by a trusted eco-brand that has a lot of renowned and award-winning products, consisted of natural ingredients that are supposed to absorb both moisture and odour, with a lovely soft scent of honey and milk. In reality it won’t protect you from either sweat or smell, so nothing else really matters. Who cares how much it costs, how it looks and what percentage of ingredients is natural. All we care for after using this product is where is the nearest shower and how do we get there fast.

Despite its fancy packaging and all natural ingredient list Green Love Dry Shampoo Blond does not work. Or rather… How do we put it? It works, but not in way you’d expect it to. Eventually your hair does get clean… After you’ve accepted the the fact that the white spots from this corrosive powder can not be shaken out and decided to go to the shower and wash it in the most conventional manner.

There are lots of things that can go wrong with a cleanser: some make our skin dry, other irritate it, some don’t rinse off very well, others have unpleasant smell and a lot of them aren’t practical or price-worthy enough. But Payot‘s Cleansing gel with grapefruit extracts is special in its own way: it’s absolutely worthless. It doesn’t clean the skin at all, let alone detoxifies it. Of course, we’ve seen worse. Though frankly, the water without this product washes away make-up better, than with it.

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