Street Beauty from Elite Model Look Casting in Stockholm

Elite Model Look 2014 Sweden

Last week Beauty Pie headed to Täby C in Stockholm where international model management agency Elite was holding a casting for its renowned Elite Model Look contest that discovered top models such as Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, and Gisele Bündchen. We’ve scouted four young beauties and asked them about their favourite cosmetics, bloggers and YouTube channels.

Rebecca, 17

Rebecca, Contestant Elite Model Look 2014 Sweden

Rebecca reads a lot of wellness blogs and dreams of becoming a fitness model one day (which with her looks, really, shouldn’t be a problem). Her skincare routine is so simple, that looking at her perfect complexion and to-die-for-skin you probably won’t believe it: she rinses her face once a day and always removes make-up. That’s all. For her skincare choices she mostly relies on her mom and uses whatever she buys, no matter which brands or products (boy, we wish the life was just as simple in our late twenties). Currently Rebecca is trying to grow back her natural golden blond locks, so she is paying some extra attention to the hair, which includes regular use of MOROCCANOIL Treatment.

Felicia, 14

Felicia, Contestant Elite Model Look 2014 Sweden

Felicia is a bit more of a beauty junkie type of girl. She stays tuned to the latest cosmetics news by following YouTube teenage wonders like Bethany Mota and MayBaby. From one of their video lessons she picked up a great haircare trick, which she found being very helpful and effective: applying different types of vegetable oils on hair as a mask and rinsing it off after 20 minutes. Her favourite make-up brand is Maybelline New York, and daily must-haves include a mascara and a concealer (although, as closely as we looked at her face in Photoshop we didn’t find any spots to conceal).

Hanna, 18

Hanna, Contestant Elite Model Look 2014 Sweden

Hanna is our oldest and wisest contestant with a bunch of time-proofed favourites she is ready to recommend. This girl is a big fan of Yvonne Ryding skincare range (developed by and named after Swedish Miss Universe 1984), with her favourite product being brand’s Make-Up Remover. As for two other girls above, hair is the most important signature feature for this Scandinavian goddess, so the biggest investments goes to Aussie styling products and Matrix‘s haircare. Don’t miss Blonde Care Weightless Conditioner that will accentuate your highlights and help to maintain the perfect shade.

Emmie, 14

Emmie, Contestant Elite Model Look 2014 Sweden

And for dessert meet the careless child – Emmie. The locks are all natural, a skincare regime is non existent, and the reading list does not include any beauty blogs. Actually, she was just hanging out in a shopping mall on a Friday afternoon, when Elite Model Sweden‘s director spotted her in a crowd and dragged her in to the catwalk. We bet she has all chances to win this whole competition. Whom will you be cheating for?

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