Wishlist January 2014


Most people’s New Year’s Resolutions probably have something to do with health: start working out, eat more fruits and veggies, drink less alcohol and so on. We bet that more than half of those who promised themselves a healthier and more active lifestyle in 2014 have already gave up on it, because the temptations are everywhere. To get you back on track or for those of you who are still fighting, to keep you going, we’ve collected these five products that will make it more possible to follow through your resolution.

From top right corner clockwise:

Coconutbros – Fountain of Youth Coconut Water

Now as you decided to be sporty and exercise a lot, it’s important to stay hydrated. It’s ok to drink a lot of water, but what’s better and more fun is to drink coconut water. It’s probably the best natural isotonic there is, which also helps to increase your metabolism, so you’ll have more energy for exercise. One of our favourite places in Berlin – Hotel Michelberger – offers this beautifully packaged coconut water that is 100% fresh with absolutely nothing added. You can also order a box of 24 cans online here, but really, any coconut water you can find near you will do.

Beauty Pie – Rose Water Toner

Is it too cocky to wish for something we came up with ourselves? We don’t think so. We don’t like sweating, that’s why we use this beautifully scented water to refresh our skin after a visit to the gym. We wish we could start massively produce it packaged in some cute spray bottles, Niina already has some ideas for the labels.

Bliss – FatGirl Treatment Kit

We love the honesty with which Bliss markets their body toning series. The name itself makes us want to go and buy all the products from this treatment regime. They also warn potential customers that this is not a weight or fat loss product and encourage them to combine it with a regular work-out, healthy diet and vigorous massage. You want a hot body? You better work bitch.

Breville – Juicer

Unfortunately when it comes to a good juicer, its quality increases proportionally to the price. If you want a machine that makes the most of the vegetables and fruits you put in it, is easy to use, easy to wash and looks pretty on your kitchen counter, here is the one. Juicing is very trendy and extremely addictive, so you really don’t want to miss out on it.

MandukaThe Black Mat 

Starting a yoga class as a complete rookie isn’t easy: you’re surrounded by inhumanly bendy people who love to show off their flexibility and strength by making a bridge or a head-stand. Even if you can barely survive through one round of Sun Solution, with this yoga mat you will still look like a pro. It’s the best of the best and we hope that after spending 100$ on a mat you’ll be more dedicated to going to the class.

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