Your Favourite Nail Polish

This is Beauty Pie’s favourite category, because we get a chance to give back to you for all the support and care we receive from you. Every 100 likes on our Facebook page we ask five of our fans to share with us their most loved beauty products. This time we’ve asked five girls from Sweden, Russia, Germany, Australia and UK to tell us about their favourite nail polish shades at the moment. Here are the results:

Best Nail Polish Shades

From left to right:

Elin Lindberg, Stockholm, Sweden:
Shellac is affordable, long lasting and comes in loads of beautiful shades. It never chips and someone at the salon will do all the work for you. To put myself into Christmas mood I use Shellac Decadence right now”.

Vera Kurbatova, Moscow, Russia:
“My absolute favourite nail polish shade is ”wet asphalt”. I get tired of blue, black is too much and pale pink is for the times when I’m both fatigued and in a hurry. But dark grey has a cool character to it. My favourite is Minsk by Mavala. I love that they name their nail polishes after different cities, though I don’t know why pale pink is Riga and wet asphalt is Minsk”.

Carole Martiné, Berlin, Germany:
“I’m not really into flashy colours, I like when it’s discreet and fits everything. I mostly use nail polish during summer time, and I think my blond hair, tanned skin and Chanel’s Rouge Noir are a good combination!”

Holly Janenko, Adelaide, Australia:
“Active lifestyle requires a nail polish that can keep up! I don’t have time to sit around waiting for paint to dry! Fabulous vibrant colour of Sally Hansen‘s Sonic Bloom suits every season and any occasion! Never chips or cracks!”

Cornelia Ekman, London, UK:
“My favourite is Kiss Me at Midnight by O.P.I, because it has full cover and its shade suits both summer and winter. I wear nail polish as jewelry, it shows and shines. I bloody love it! Moreover it looks like my nails were done at a salon”.

Share your favourites in the comments below.

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