Your Favourite Shampoos


This is Beauty Pie’s favourite category, because we get a chance to talk to our readers and acknowledge them for all the support and care we receive. Every 100 likes on our Facebook page we ask five fans to share with us their most loved beauty products. This time we’ve decided not to reinvent the wheel and chatted with girls from Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia and Russia about their favourite shampoos. Here are the results:

From left to right:

Katrin, Tallinn, Estonia:

“I’m now on Daddy O from LUSH. I think it gives my blond hair cool undertones, so it becomes rather silver than gold. I don’t know though if it’s a real effect or I’m eager to see it so much that I start noticing something inexistent. Anyways, I really like its scent and bright violet color — it feels so weird to put something that dark on my blonde hair”.

Souad, Stockholm, Sweden:

“I use Pantene Volume & Body. It easily washes away all the styling products I use (including dry shampoo that can be very stubborn) and gives me a lot of volume!”

Katya, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

“I’ve almost finished René Furterer Curbicia shampoo, which is supposed to be purifying, regulating, and volumizing. I have oily skin and live with everyday struggle against greasiness. So I’ve tried quite a lot of shampoos that were supposed to reduce sebum and normalize its production (unfortunately, as we all know, they never do). This shampoo is one of the best so far. Somehow it really works – purifies very well and your hair gets so called “squeaky clean”. Plus the hair holds its volume whole day long”.

Monica, Prague, Czech Republic:

“My favourite shampoo was recommended to me by my hairdresser. It’s Nexxus Phyto Source Syntress, which unfortunately isn’t sold in Prague, so I have to ship it from the USA. I don’t wash my hair very often, that’s why I really appreciate the fact that this shampoo gives my hair a lot of body and texture that lasts for days. No more bad hair days, even when I don’t have time for a blow-dry”.

Anna, Berlin, Germany:

“Currently I’m using Malin + Goetz Gentle Neroli Shampoo and I like it. I have a sensitive scalp, so I usually choose shampoo very carefully — many of them cause irritation. This one I’ve been using for a couple of months now and I’m quite content with the effects. It’s very mild and has a subtle scent. Also the bottle looks good in the shower, as all Malin + Goetz products”.

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