Clarisonic Mia 2 – Review (Before & After)


One and a half month with Clarisonic Mia 2 — I’m impressed!

To say the truth, I’ve been intrigued by Clarisonic for quite a while. Its ambiguous reputation started many discussions among beauty bloggers and cosmetics junkies: some swear by it claiming that it totally transformed their skin (and life for that matter) by cleaning up the pores and eliminating blemishes, others say it mostly causes irritations and more break-outs, if doing anything at all.

When Aline ended up on the latter side and offered me to take over her Clarisonic (in case I wanted to see for myself what a piece of crap it was) I immediately agreed with no hesitations. On the same day I purchased a new removable brush (by the way, it’s a great life hack: you can share device with your roommates, saving tons of money, and all you need to do is to buy your own brush-head). 30€ later I was all set and excited to give this beauty-wonder a try.

Aline’s comment: Ever since we’ve included Clarisonic in our first ever wishlist, I was dreaming about getting my hands on it, so when my skin condition hit its lowest during the spring 2014 I was ready to pay over 100€ for this trendy device in hope that it will help me to get back on track. Unfortunately, it made my already schizophrenic skin even more sensitive (probably not a good idea to combine this type of cleansing with hundreds of other products that you might be testing at the same time), which resulted in tons of new break-outs. I also suspect that if you suffer from any inflammatory kind of blemishes, you’d better not to spread the bacteria all around your face with a supersonic speed (not a scientific fact, but a qualified guess). I gave it an honest try (using both daily for a couple of weeks, then switching to a more rare routine) and decided it’s not for me.

The idea behind Clarisonic is to make your everyday cleansing more thorough (times and times more so comparing to a conventional washing). It is also supposed to smooth out fine lines, minimize the appearance of pores and improve complexion thanks to daily massage and increased blood circulation. At the same time it’s claimed that the brush doesn’t irritate or stretch even the most delicate skin, as it doesn’t produce any rotating motions, but instead finely vibrates. Of course after Clarisonic went viral selling out on pretty much every market it launched on, many companies decided to follow its footsteps to success. That’s why today you can purchase a similar device from Philips — PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System, or Clinique — Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush and a couple of other brands (here you can find a list with more options).

The main difference between Mia 2 and other Clarisonic models, is that it has two pulsation speeds and is a bit smaller and travel-friendlier then its family members. The device has a built-in timer and indicates every time you need to switch the cleansing zone. The whole process takes just one minute: 20 seconds for forehead and chin, plus 10 seconds for every cheek.

A couple of words about my skin type. I have a combination one with obvious T- and U-zones, which means that some parts are oily and shiny, while the others often lack moisture. To make it worse I often suffer from breakouts. Thanks god the most severe problems have past together with my puberty, although I still can’t brag about porcelain skin with invisible pores. My enemies number one are pimples at the bottom of the cheeks, on the chin and on the neck. Sometimes they totally disappear, just to show up on the most important day when I really need to be spotless. Below you can find a no-make-up photo of me made on the very same day when I started to use Clarisonic:


That day my skin was in OK condition, however you could see a couple of blemishes here and there.

I chose the gentlest brush-head (the one called Delicate), because I wasn’t quite sure how hard I could go on my skin before it starts to cause irritations. Since then I’ve been washing my face with Clarisonic every evening for two months (you can use it twice a day too, but I’ve decided not to overload myself with excessive cleansing).


Same picture, zoomed in

Here are my observations:

  • By the end of the first week I felt like my skin got a little smoother, although I couldn’t enjoy these results to their fullest because at the same time I’ve got acne attack all over my chin and on the area around my mouth. It’s difficult to say whether it was a reaction to the brush but all I know is that the pimples were gone pretty much as quickly as they appeared. In the course of all the following weeks I haven’t noticed any other drastic changes.
  • You’ll have to charge the device approximately once a month. On the one hand it’s pretty convenient, because you don’t even need to bother thinking about it most of the time. On the other hand, it’s a bit annoying, as Clarisonic doesn’t give you any battery update or warnings: at some point it will simply refuse to turn on and it might as well happen when you are in the shower all lathered up and ready for the cleansing.
  • First couple of weeks it was fun using a new high-tech product and I was actually looking forward to my evening skincare rituals. Then it became just another routine. To be completely honest, sometimes when I’m really tired, I wish I could skip these 60 seconds of vibrating and buzzing nonsense. BUT, in my opinion, when it comes to skincare, consistency is the key. No one can guarantee you any results if you use a product sporadically, sometimes often, and sometimes not at all – depending on how you feel about it. Although many dermatologists recommend using this type of cleansing devices much more rarely (just once or twice a week) to avoid unnecessary skin irritation. I believe it all depends both on your skin type and on the harshness of the brush.
  • I use Clarisonic either with my favorite foaming gel from Annemarie Börlind, or with a tar soap from an Estonian eco-shop. Actually, I might prefer the second option better, because it feels like even more thorough cleansing.
  • It’s pretty heavy. I like to travel light, putting all my beauty products into small containers, so 213 grams + charger (to be fair I have to admit that the charger doesn’t weigh much at all) is still quite a significant burden for my luggage.

So I’ve been using the wonder-brush regularly but when I looked at the mirror I didn’t see any difference at all. I was about to sit down and write a scathing review, when I realized I had to take the after-picture first:


Here you can see both “before” and “after” photos side by side. I apologise for the different light settings, but I think that the improvement is quite obvious.


Looking at these two pictures I can definitely say that my efforts finally paid off. Of course my skin isn’t perfect and enlarged pores haven’t magically disappeared, but, as you can see for yourself, the skin tone became much more even (just look at the nose) ad the number of blemishes has drastically reduced. Acne on the chin-line and on the neck still hasn’t capitulated yet, but is much less visible now. I also have a feeling that the skin is softer and smoother, mainly because the scaling on the cheeks has finally stopped. I will no matter what continue using the brush (so I hope that Aline, impressed by these results, won’t request the device back. Haha. Otherwise I’d have to buy myself the whole new Clarisonic, because these days I can’t imagine my life without it). Maybe next time I’ll try a different head-brush though, for instance, I’m intrigued by the one called Radiance Brush Head. Also if I ever see any new improvements (or vice versa) I will update this post accordingly.

Have you tried Clarisonic yet? If so, did you like it or not? Otherwise, are you interested in trying it? I’m dying to hear what you think, so don’t be shy, please, share!

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