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Aline and Olga have been testing one of the modern skin-care cults – Eve Lom Cleanser and are now ready to reveal their verdict. Hot or Not? Find out after a jump…

This is our second double-review and in case you haven’t read the first one and aren’t familiar with the concept, we want to remind you that we do not discuss our impressions of the products prior to the publication not to influence each other and stay 100% objective. It goes without saying that everything written below is our honest opinion and we could sign after every damn word. So here it comes Eve Lom iconic Cleanser

What’s so special about it?
Aline: It’s one of these balm-to-oil products that come with a muslin cloth and a special routine (more about it down below). It’s not your ordinary pump-and-foam cleanser, so the novelty of changing my skin-care habits was definitely something that appealed to me at the first try. The texture of the content is quite unique too: it’s a blend of plant and mineral oils, which first resembles a melted candle (kind of?) but when mixed with water transforms into a luxurious fluid. Also it is often recognised as probably one of world’s best cleansers and has won multiple awards, so it’s been on my to-try-list for a long while.
Olga: I have to say I am a little bit obsessed with cleaning the face and that is the core of the beauty routine for me. Initially I very much liked the idea of a thick oily foam-free cleanser that melts on the skin —the cleanser itself, indeed, is a yellowish balm-like blend of four aromatic plant oils that removes makeup and opens the pores. It also comes with a special Muslin Cloth that exfoliates the skin and a 7-step manual that shows how to use the cleanser and the cloth in the best way.

How often and when do you use it?
A.: Because it comes with a seven step programme (including massaging and wrapping your skin in muslin cloth at different temperatures) I find it impossible to use this cleanser more often than once a day. Actually, I usually wake up with pretty good looking skin so I prefer not to irritate it with water, thus in the morning I only use facial tonics. That said in the evening I think it’s very relaxing to apply Eve Lom while soaking in a bath or taking a hot shower. As a girl who could go to bed wearing full make-up just a year ago, I sort of appreciate that this cleanser needs time and commitment, because I do sort of have this all-or-nothing attitude, but I can see how it can be totally off-putting for some of you to use a product that requires at least 3-5 minutes daily.
O.: Although I have oily skin my beautician insists on the fact that I should not wash my face in the morning, so I only tried to use Eve Lom once a day like I do with any other facial cleanser. In reality I skipped the routine very often because I was tired and felt like using it is taking too long. Therefore for me realistic frequency of using Eve Lom is two or three times a week.

Have you seen any improvement in your skin condition or vice versa?
A.: I believe that cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine, as it lays a fundament on which you build up all the other products. With Eve Lom I feel like I’m constructing a very beautiful “house”. Blemishes and comedones used to be my main problem and I almost never had a clear pimple-free face. As I blamed it on the hormones and first of all on my diet, I stopped eating gluten and sugar to see if it would give any results: although together with buns and sweets I said farewell to inflammations, comedones (caused by clogged pores) stayed with me until I switched to this cleanser. It really does remove all the make-up residue and dead skin cells, leaving the skin perfectly clean, so your serums and creams can better penetrate and be more effective.
O.: I have not seen any improvement of my skin condition in general, although I always felt my face was makeup-free and clean after using Eve Lom. Although the product description claims the cleanser works well for any type of skin, I felt very strongly that using only this product is not enough to condition my skin for applying serum and moisturizer.

Have you tested any similar products before? (Is Eve Lom better or worse in comparison. How so?)
Actually, before Eve Lom came into picture I’ve been a big fan of Neal’s Yard‘s Wild Rose Beauty Balm – a make-up remover and a facial mask in one that also comes with a muslin cloth and delivers similar results. The later is a great product and is certified organic, but given the choice (and money) I’d still go for Eve Lom without any hesitations: it smells better, it’s more effective (here’s a curious fact: after using Wild Rose Beauty Balm for a while, the cloth gets really dirty, so you’d have to wash it with your laundry, while when you wipe Eve Lom Cleanser off you face it easily rinses off the fabric too without even sticking to it) and it feels more pampering than its cheaper alternative.
O.: I haven’t tested similar products before.

The best thing about it:
It’s the whole package: make-up remover, deep cleanser, mild scrub, relaxing massage and intensive moisturiser. It’s like you’re receiving a daily facial at the convenience of your own bathroom. It’s so quick in removing even water-proof make-up that I could easily ditch my wipes; thanks to the gentle exfoliating effect of the cloth I don’t need to use peelings as often as before and even nutrition masks aren’t that necessary anymore, because after the cleansing my skin feels properly nourished and hydrated.
O.: The whole pack gives you a feeling of a home spa, that I would enjoy very often, if only I had time (or I wouldn’t be so lazy). It is definitely not only a cleanser, but a kit with the cloth and the enclosed facial technique, that puts together a beauty routine that is very classical and very up-to date at the same time.

The worst thing about it:

A.: That would be the price and how uneconomical it is. I went through 100ml jar (that costs £55) in less than a month, so falling in love with this product is a costly affair…
O.: The price. 50 ml pack is worth 50 USD, which is quite much compared to other cleansers there are on the market.

Is it worth the money?
… although it’s ooohhh so worth it. When you think of it as a daily facial, it suddenly sums up to only £2 a treatment (£55/30 days, in case you are going to use it daily), which is a very competitive price.
O.: If it worked for me I would say it is. But I am also very prone to be reckless when it comes to cleansers especially the ones as classy as this one.

Would you buy it again?
Yeah, absolutely, when it’s time for me to take a break from my AHA course, I’ll definitely go back to Eve Lom.
O.: Yes. I would like to always have it on my bathroom shelf, but it wouldn’t be a part of my everyday routine. I will also try to use the Muslin Cloth with other cleansers.

Would you recommend it to others?
If you’ve got time and money – go for it, it might be the best thing that have (or will) ever happen to your skin-care regime. If you think that even two steps cleansing programs are a bit excessive, forget it, you’ll probably just going to hate it.
O.: I would definitely recommend it to the ones who have dry/normal skin and for mature skin. The latter is also the type that would mostly appreciate the Eve Lom facial massage technique.

Total score on a scale from 1 to 10.
A.: 8
O.: 6

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