REN Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream – Review


Do you want to know how to get rid off adult acne fast and relatively cheap? Keep on reading.

In the past year or so, REN‘s Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream turned out to be the only treatment, which succeeded in drastically improving the condition of my skin. In combination with a couple of other adjustments to my lifestyle. But first things first:

I’ve never had a perfect skin and I’ve always been fighting all kinds of problems: break-outs, enlarged and clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads… you name it – I had it. Sometimes it gets better, and then it gets ten times worse with no particular reason and unrelated to any change in my skincare regime or routines.

Although by now I’m quite used to such a roller-coaster, 2014 has been nothing but a thrill ride for my skin: I’ve been testing hundreds of different cosmetics (decorative and not), switching diets, practicing yoga, working long hours, getting too little sleep… Some of it was good for my health, some of it – not so much, but the state my skin was in for the most parts of the year was simply depressing.

After two unsuccessful attempts at AHA peeling I was quite hopeless and thought I would never be able to leave home without covering my innumerable blemishes with tons of foundation. To say the least it was discouraging and made me want to hide under the bed and never come out. I was ready for any radical changes and did a huge research to find the most effective products for my skin condition. Most of them ended up in Beauty Pie‘s September Wishlist and one of them was REN‘s Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream.

I’ve started using it right after the post came out (so it’s been exactly two months now) applying it on my face and neck both in the morning and at night. Simultaneously I switched to the cleanser from the same range – ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay CleanserAnd I stopped drinking coffee… and eating sugar… and gluten. I know that for experiment sake I should’t have done it all at the same time, but I hope you can understand my frustration with how I felt and looked and justify my reasons to go all in. I’ll tell you more about my new diet in a separate post one day, but for now let’s just focus on what REN has done for my skin.

Although Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream isn’t very rich, it makes my skin smoother and more even instantly upon the application. It absorbs very fast without leaving any traces. The only disadvantage of the formula in my opinion is that because it’s so light, on some days I have to use another moisturiser instead or/and after it (if you have oily skin, which is the case most of the times when it comes to blemish-prone types, you’ll do just fine with Clearcalm only). My current skincare regime is as following: Clarifying Clay Cleanser both day and night (at night in combination with Sensai‘s Cleansing Oil, because REN isn’t effective enough in removing all the make-up by itself), Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream at night and Sisley‘s All Day All Year – in the morning.

I saw first results just one week later – my skin got much less red and it stopped breaking out with new whiteheads. This was a huge step for me already, because the cream reduced my sensitivity and my skin stopped being itchy, so I didn’t touch my face as much, which in its turn also improved skin’s condition. Three weeks later, almost all comedones around the jawline either vanished or were significantly reduced. Thanks to Licorice Extrac in the formula, Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream helps to stabilise production of sebum and prevents build up of dead skin cells (the combination of those two is the main reason behind appearance of comedones), so actually, I haven’t seen any new ones popping up ever sine I’ve switched to this range.

Now two months later, to say that my skin looks better is to say nothing. The difference is drastic: these days I can easily leave home with only super light BB cream on (my favourite right now is Erborian BB Crème au Ginseng) – something I couldn’t even dream of two months ago, when I would have to apply thick layer of mineral powder on top of it to make the skin look less red and more even. The biggest difference is though in my self-confidence, it’s awful, but it’s true, when you aren’t satisfied with your own looks, you automatically don’t feel comfortable in your own skin (on all different levels). So I’m really grateful to REN and Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream for changing it around for me.

There’re actually very few brands out there that I worship and never stop recommending to everyone I know, and when it comes to skincare REN is definitely one of them. I love everything about it: products, branding, philosophy and packaging. I will of course buy this range again and I will continue exploring other products, because, first of all, the company appeals to me as a customer: as it was put by its Global Director of Education and Training Rui Branco (whom I had a chance to meet during Daisy Beauty Conference Weekend in London) REN is marketing to “sophisticated, modern and trendy people”, and naturally enough I’d love to be addressed as such. Please. Second of all, their products are made with a view of being effective, without chasing pointless eco-certificates and organic labels (which means, yes, they do contain preservatives, but they also consist of gentle, yet efficient natural ingredients), and at last but not at least, everything is nicely packaged and affordably priced.

Price: 28€
Total score: 9

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