Review Aesop – A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser

Delightful, aromatic, low-foaming shower gel containing the finest Rose Oil.Aesop – A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser

After shampoos, shower gels are my favorite beauty products. I love to have a couple of different brands and scents in my bathroom, so I can match them to the time of the day I shower, to my mood, to the mood I want to be in after showering or to other beauty products I’m using on that particular day.

I also believe that with every shower gel your smell sense becomes more and more sophisticated and you can distinguish more details in every new perfume, just as you can train your palette by eating different types of food. This development has its downsides too, once you educate your nose, it won’t like cheap shower gels’ scents anymore. That is because, unfortunately, essentials oils that are used to naturally perfume beauty products sometimes are the most expensive part on the ingredients list and it’s the case with most of shower gels. So you do the math, the more intricate the scent, the more expensive the final product.

Aesop’s shower gels are really expensive, they are so expensive that when I first saw them in Paris at Merci I thought to myself that I will probably never spend this much money on a shower gel. But everything changed when I saw that Aesop had a body cleanser with roses. I’m crazy about roses! They are the best natural antidepressants out there, while Rose Oil also has incredible moisturizing effect on dry skin. There’s no better ingredient for shower gels that will pick you up and leave your skin soft and conditioned.

Previously, my favorite shower gel ever was LUSH’s Rose Jam, I’ve also tried Rose Revival by & Other Stories, but Aesop’s is clearly the best. It has a lot of floral notes of roses, but it’s balanced with the spiciness of Cardamom and Black Pepper. It’s a perfect perfume for both a morning shower that cheers you up and sets the right mood for the day, but also for a rounding up evening shower that puts you into a sensual and romantic state.
The gel itself is quite liquidy and doesn’t produce much foam, but it still feels quite luxurious on your skin and cleans your body thoroughly. The scent doesn’t stay on the skin too long and is never prominent enough to disturb you or overlay your perfume, but that just gives you one more reason to shower with it more often.

A Rose By Any Other Name would make a perfect present for a chic lady who loves gardening, 5 o’clock tea and classic literature, but it can also be an indulging present to yourself.

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