Review – Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo


Miraculous shampoo for fine hair boosted by organic herbs without Sulphates or Parabens.

Buying shampoo has always been a big issue for me: my hair is oily and fine and I have sensitive scalp. To begin with, when I was a teenager in post-soviet Russia, it wasn’t easy to find out something like “sensitive scalp” existed. Any kind of scalp irritation would immediately be categorized as “dandruff” and had to be treated by Head & Shoulders. Later I found out that not all the shampoos irritated my scalp, so there must have been a reason some didn’t. It was about that time the whole Sulphate debate broke out and I realized I should stick to sulphate-free formulas. I literally tried dozens of those to learn one more thing: SLS-free shampoos often do not clean your hair that well and most of the ones I’ve tried made my hair feel greasy after half a day. Yuck!

Nice smell and cool packaging, affordable price and other advantages that a good shampoo can have — all faded in search for a product that will match two requirements: does not irritate my scalp and keep my hair clean for at least one day.

Keeping all my troubles in mind I decided to try Aveda, who have recently opened their first hair salon in Russia. Out of all non-SLS shampoos Aveda has, I was strongly recommended to try Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo, and preferably use it together with the conditioner from the same line.

It is often told that Aveda shampoos are so strongly infused with herbal components they are too harsh for most hair types after the first wash, and only start working after several uses. This didn’t happen to me. When I first tried it, it immediately fulfilled everything that was promised on the label: my hair was thicker and more abundant. It was easy to comb, easy to style, shiny and not frizzy after a regular blow-dry. Moreover, my hair stayed clean for two days, which has literally never happened before in my entire life even when I used shampoos with sulphates.

The main components of Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo are Althaea (strengthens hair), Calendula (keeps hair non-greasy), Aloe (conditions scalp) and Acacia Gum (responsible for filling out fine hair). Shampoo has nice liquid body, yellowish color, lathers well and smells slightly of jasmine, peppermint and ylang ylang (or exactly like most of the organic shampoos smell to me). In my opinion, the bottle design does not look so good, but I would keep this shampoo on my bathroom shelf even in a plastic bag, thanks to its superpowers.

I first tried the shampoo in August and I am now finishing my second bottle. I wash my hair at least once in two days, so I would say it runs out pretty slowly and is definitely worth $21. I feel that now my hair is getting used to the shampoo: it started getting greasy a little bit faster – maybe it’s time to try out a different one. But I would definitely recommend Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo to anyone who has greasy hair and sensitive scalp and who would like to add some extra fullness to the locks.

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