Review Bliss – FatGirlSlim Treatment

Review FatGirlSlim Treatment Kit Bliss

When it comes to diets, body-shaping treatments and food supplements that make you loose weight overnight, I’m as skeptical as it gets. I only believe in old-fashioned cures like: regular exercise, eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and cutting down on bad habits like alcohol.

However I know all too well, that all above-mentioned are easier said than done. I’ve been sacrificing my fitness routine to the everyday office work and slacking off in the kitchen way too long. And as I was eating out five times a week or bringing home greasy take-aways, I watched my jeans’ size going up from 26 (when I was 16) to 30.

Then I’ve decided I couldn’t afford growing my ass any bigger, because I’m only 168cm tall, quite short-legged and pretty flat. So obviously, being curvy wasn’t an excuse I could use while snacking on another bucket of Ben & Jerry’s.

As you may have learned from this post, I’m a bit of “all-or-nothing type of person”, so three months ago I purchased a year membership in the local gym, started to exercise at least four times a week, dusted off my old juice machine and became some sort of a health nut.

I was expecting to notice the results of my efforts in the mirror. As weeks passed, my jeans were getting loose on the butt, but I still wasn’t satisfied with the look of it, so I’ve decided I gotta give a try to anti-cellulite treatments.

Being a fan of clever and adventurous cosmetics marketing, I couldn’t resist buying FatGirlSlim Treatment Kit by Bliss. My second favorite part about this product (after its name obviously) is how honest it is. It doesn’t promise any fat- or weight-loss and warns potential customers that for any visible results you have to combine it with regular exercise, healthy diet and everyday massage.

So you’re probably wondering right now: if it doesn’t work any magic, what exactly are we paying 50€ for?

This kit consists of a FatGirlScrub body scrub, a FatGirlSlim day cream, a FatGirlSleep night cream and a Slimulator (massage tool with nubby surface). All products come in smaller try-sizes, so you can figure out which one fits in your daily routine and works best for you, before purchasing the real size alternatives (retailing at around 50€ each).

I was using this regime for about three weeks now: twice a week I used body scrub (which I was applying on my butt, though you could use it anywhere on your body to firm up the skin), four times a week after workouts – FatGirlSlim, and occasionally – the night cream.

My favorite product is the day cream. It uses Caffeine to stimulate blood circulation and I could notice that my skin has gotten firmer already after two weeks. Remember, it was combined with at least three classes of yoga a week and healthy diet and there might have been some placebo effect involved, but I’m pretty sure that my cellulite is considerably less prominent now than it was before I started using this treatment.

I also like the effect of FatGirlScrub, as it makes my skin very smooth immediately after application. For the ultimate spa-effect I was using it together with the Slimulator while showering. It contains Himalayan Pink Salt for the mechanical scrub and has a very nice citrus scent. It was also the first product to run out, 60ml jar was enough for six-seven treatments.

My least favorite of the bunch is the night cream. It has the best texture (very creamy unlike FatGirlSlim that is almost liquid) and lovely lavender scent, but I just found it hard to believe that skin toning cream could be effective as an overnight treatment. As I mentioned before, I truly believe that you gotta work hard for a hot looking body, so placebo effect didn’t kick-in for me here.

All in all, I would recommend you trying out this kit in case you’re struggling to look better in the bikini. Even if the only consequence of purchasing these products will be a regular massage, it’s still worth it and you’ll notice some results from the massaging alone (you can also buy only Slimulator, but it costs 22€ and is a bit boring on itself, so I’d rather suggest you add 28€ more for the whole package). For me it also worked as a good discipline trigger: yoga class – sauna – massage – FatGirlSlim – repeat. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying it again and I’m also considering trying out the FatGirlSixPack treatment for the belly. As I’m progressing through the Plank Challenge, I would need something to make the skin on my stomach firmer. By the way it’s still not too late to join the Planking Club and get a chance to win FatGirlSixPack, in case you want to give it a try too.

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever tried any anti-cellulite treatments before and if so how was your experience with them?

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