Review Caudalie – Premier Cru Eye Cream

Caudalie – Premier Cru Eye Cream

A luxurious eye-cream for all ages, which will also double as concealer.

Last winter a dear friend of Beauty Pie send us an inbox message on our Facebook page asking to help her choose an eye-cream. We always get very happy when people see us as beauty experts and turn to us for advice, but in that particular situation all three of us were a bit perplexed. None of us had an eye-cream in the skin-care routine and we knew way too little about the options available on the market to give a proper answer to that question. We got off by recommending something we’ve heard from others was good, but ever since I was haunted by the thought that I don’t own an eye-cream and don’t even know what a great one supposed to do. It’s weird though, because I’ve been on anti-aging creams since I was twenty and generally am of the opinion that it’s never too early to start fighting fine lines and pigmentation. So I began a hunt for a suitable eye-cream.

I’ve started by making a list of concerns which I would like to eliminate with this additional product in my regime: it should erase the fine lines in the corners of the eyes, reduce the hangover puffiness and most importantly of all take care of the dark circles. So during this spring and summer, I’ve tried a couple of eye-creams including Fleur de Santé Clarity Radiant Skin Eye Contour Cream from March’s Glossy Box, Embryolisse Re-Densifying Eye and Lip Contour Cream and the luxurious Omorovicza Gold Eye Lift. The last one showed some great long-term results by really eliminating the appearance of fine lines, but I was still missing the immediate effect of brightening and the dark circles were still there together with occasional swelling (TOP TIP: if you are a party goer and sometimes wake up with puffy eyes, keep a tube of Sisley Eye Contour Mask in your fridge and apply it cold first thing in the morning. While you brush you teeth and comb your hair, this cult product will get rid of the puffiness and other evidence of the wild night).

Then I got my hands on Caudalie‘s Premier Cru Eye Cream. If you aren’t familiar with this French brand, here’s some info about them in a nutshell. They own three revolutionary patents (all based on natural powers of a grape and a grapevine): stabilised polyphenols (you can read more about them here) that are great source of anti-oxidants; resveratrol, which is capable of restoring skin’s firmness and youthfulness; and viniferine – a molecule from grapevine sap that has proven to be effective against dark spots.

Caudalie‘s Premier Cru line is a premium selection of three products (day cream, rich cream and eye cream) that contain all three brand’s signature patents. So you can imagine that the eye cream is a power bomb of effectiveness and as I’ve been using it for more than a month now I can nothing but confirm it.

Please, don’t let the word “premium” scare you away. Yes, it’s a bit pricy, BUT for 50€ you will get a whole 15ml of product which will probably last you for almost a year. For very application you’ll need just a drop of the cream that glides on the skin very easily, so easily that you can actually apply it on top of your make-up as a concealer. I know, right? It sounds ridiculous, but it totally works. The texture of the cream is very light and it has a bit of a nude colour to it, so when you put it on top of your foundation, it instantly brightens the eyes and gives you a much fresher look. Two products in one! It contains coffee bean extract and caffeine to really wake your skin up in the morning and zero perfumes not to irritate the most sensitive area of the face.

I’ve used it every morning for five weeks and can definitely see the improvement in the appearance of the fine lines: they are visibly minimised, dark circles are never a problem anymore and I can’t stop recommending this product to everyone I know.

All in all, I think if you’re 25 or older, it’s time to get yourself an eye-cream, because it’s much easier to maintain a nice eye-contour than dealing with deep wrinkles in ten years.

Do you guys use an eye-cream? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below, especially if you have a drug-store favourite, which is gentler to the wallets.

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